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Being sensitive to parents’ feelings about assisted living

As my siblings and I have been immersed in moving our parents into assisted living and cleaning out their home, it became apparent that the logistics aren’t all that need our attention. Their feelings about the change need care. “I can’t believe how K______ [Mom’s doctor] messed us up,” Dad griped in a phone conversation... Read more »

Downsizing for parents when they move into assisted living

What a whirlwind the last nine days have been. My parents looked at an assisted living facility last Monday, signed a lease on an apartment there on Friday, and moved in on Sunday. Here’s a typical conversation from last weekend, when we were packing for their move: Me (holding a dozen or so knives in... Read more »

Avoid going into hospital as observational

If you have the misfortune to stay overnight in a hospital bed, make sure you’re admitted to the hospital. A month ago that statement would have made no sense to me. How could you occupy a hospital bed without being admitted? In the last few weeks my mother spent three postsurgery nights in Presence St.... Read more »

Reading glasses were avoidable if I’d known

You’ve probably heard people say that they don’t need glasses at all after cataract surgery. I looked forward to the surgery for that reason yet didn’t question the ophthalmologist when he said beforehand that I would still need reading glasses. In the last day I’ve done more research to write this blog post than before... Read more »