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Can’t we stop having to prove ourselves?

A 60ish man among a group I’d just met dropped into the conversation that he had been a National Merit Scholar. How sad that he’s still bringing that up almost a half century later, I thought. Isn’t a bonus of mature age that you no longer have anything to prove? But then remembering that low... Read more »

Teeth cleaning to music and words

Have you ever heard anyone say she likes going to the dentist? Didn’t think so. To say that Dr. Joani Tarsitano makes the experience fun might be an exaggeration, but she does entertainly distract patients from what’s she’s doing in their mouths.  When you sit down in the examining chair, Joani — the formal Dr.... Read more »

Soccer prompts thinking about immigrants

Last Sunday afternoon was a bad time to walk to the grocery store. Crowds swarmed out of the Roosevelt Road el station to go to Soldier Field for the Gold Cup game between the men’s national soccer teams of Mexico and the United States. A sea of green shirts and Mexican flags overwhelmed me as... Read more »

Caring less about looks: are women making any progress?

Three women about my age, all slim, recently told me that they won’t be seen in a swimsuit. I don’t recall ever hearing a man say he would not wear swim trunks in public. I’m not criticizing my gender but the societal norms that still make appearance so important for women. Donald Trump’s weight falls... Read more »