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Ours isn’t the democracy I thought it was

Among the many reasons to bemoan the Trump presidency is that it’s eroded faith in our system of government. Ours isn’t the democracy I thought it was. From high school civics class on through five decades, I held to belief in the separation of powers — that our federal government has three equal branches keeping... Read more »

More Austen literary heirs: back to the 19th century

Note: This continues an occasional series about Jane Austen’s literary heirs. Where do you stop when looking for Jane Austen’s literary heirs? In previous posts I wrote about Barbara Pym, Elizabeth Bowen, Penelope Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Taylor, Anita Brookner, Angela Thirkell, E. F. Benson, Georgette Heyer, and Miss Read. In her book The Heirs of Jane... Read more »

Discomfited by displays of wealth

A high school graduation party I attended was held in a backyard in an affluent suburb. The yard seemed to me as big as a football field, but having a balcony as my basis of comparison, I no doubt exaggerate. At any rate, the backyard was large enough for several seating areas, which were furnished... Read more »

My cat walks back from what I feared was the end

It may be the most stressful stage for any pet parent: watching for signs that it’s time to say goodbye. A week ago Friday, Lizzy, my cat, had her worst flare-up ever of inflammatory bowel disease. After scrubbing about a dozen places on the hardwood floors, ceramic tile, and rug, I emailed the Anti-Cruelty Society... Read more »