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Cold weather + no socks = crazy, imho

This is a post I’d intended to write all winter, but it kept getting bumped by other topics. Even though it’s now spring, you wouldn’t know by how it feels. So, I’ll slip this post in before spring really arrives. What’s with going sockless outside in winter? I see people bundled up in down coats,... Read more »

A Meetup group that didn’t fly, and more about meeting people

When you move, whether it’s across the country or across town, you confront the need to make new friends close to where you live. This month marks five years since I moved from Edgewater to the South Loop, and while I’ve made friends nearby, most of my friends are still on the North Side. Last... Read more »

Some tips for tackling the long novel Les Misérables

The convict Jean Valjean repents and finds redemption in loving the orphan Cosette. Relentless police inspector Javert, however, keeps him on the run. French society, rife with poverty and inequality, is erupting. Cosette’s marriage to young idealist Marius puts a wedge between her and her “father” Valjean, who wastes away from the loss but is... Read more »

Wordnesia strikes when playing Scrabble

My friend Sandie and I were playing Scrabble, as we do every Tuesday, and I blanked on spelling annul. Two n’s or two l’s? Another time I juggled the u and e in fuel back and forth. I spent my career in the word business and am a decent speller. How is it then that... Read more »