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My folks’ platinum jubilee

  My parents are ordinary people, except for this: In two days they’ll have been married 70 years. Wednesday will be their platinum jubilee. Of course, the milestone speaks to their longevity as well as their relationship. Dad’s life expectancy at birth was 54 years, and Mom’s was 65. Dad is now 97 and Mom 90,... Read more »

My grandparents came from a “shithole” country

I don’t know when it became a compliment to be called a “hunk,” but when my Slovak grandparents immigrated to the United States at the turn of the 20th century, “Hunkies” was an ethnic slur hurled at them. Hunkies were believed to be stupid and inferior to the native Anglo descendants. My maternal grandparents were... Read more »

Will Republicans excuse anything Trump says?

Dear Senator McConnell, I couldn’t vote for you because I don’t live in Kentucky, and in truth I wouldn’t vote for you if I could, but you are the majority leader of the Senate, so I’m writing on Martin Luther King Day to ask you to show moral leadership for the good of the country... Read more »

Giving up the resolution to diet

If you, like me, thought about making 2018 the year when you really would lose 10 or 15 pounds, New Year’s articles about the folly of dieting were either depressing or liberating. In a January 1 article in the Tribune, psychology professors Traci Mann and A. Janet Tomiyama explained why they concluded from their research... Read more »

Help the homeless through these charities

I was walking in River North early Sunday morning when a man who looked to be 30something approached to ask where to get the South Shore train. After I gave him the bad news that he was about a mile away, he said, “Thanks for talking to me. You’re the first person who did. People... Read more »