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Making friends in a new location

My niece is a freshman at Indiana University, and like most freshmen, Alex wants to make new friends. While many people from her hometown chose IU, none of her best friends did — and besides, she wants to branch out. Alex said she’s met a lot of nice people, people she has gone out with,... Read more »

Springfield is a journey with the real Lincoln

When I was planning a vacation in Springfield about 20 years ago, a coworker asked, “Why would you go there?” She might wonder again why I went back last week. The four Australians and the three Brits on the National Park Service tour I took of the Lincoln home, and the two Canadians I met... Read more »

Light-hearted Austen read-alikes

On Thursday the new Jane Austen bank note, which I wrote about earlier, will go into circulation in the UK. This then seems a fitting time for another occasional post suggesting writers for Janeites to check out. Previous posts looked at Barbara Pym, the author I find most like Austen, and Elizabeth Bowen, Penelope Fitzgerald,... Read more »

Bliss on the balcony

As I walk around my neighborhood looking at all the high-rises, it surprises me how few people are out on their balconies, even on beautiful weekends. The balconies look like places for grills, not for humans. My balcony is my sanctuary. It’s not exaggerating to say that a little more than 60 square feet of... Read more »