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You can use your phone and still conserve data

After spending several hours the last week exploring how to stay within the data cap on my smartphone plan, I’ve been wondering what people do when they’re tech amateurs. Not that I’m so savvy, but I will try to tackle problems. Do other people just buy a more generous data plan? Do they have a... Read more »

The risky business of walking

I fear it’s only a matter of time before I’m in a traffic accident. As a pedestrian. Since reading recently about a rise in pedestrian fatalities locally and nationally, I’ve been noticing hazards more when I step outside in downtown Chicago. At intersections, especially those with left-turn arrows for drivers, assuming a walk sign means... Read more »

Trump’s own words disprove his sincerity about coming together as Americans

“The hate and division must stop and must stop right now. We have to come together as Americans . . . with true affection for each other.” — from Donald Trump’s statement about the violence in Charlottesville The statement, which Trump read, is blatantly hypocritical coming from the most divisive person in the country. Maybe... Read more »

Meant as a compliment: “More Joliet than Harvard”

I chuckled at the headline in Sunday’s Tribune about US Attorney nominee John R. Lausch Jr. : “More Joliet than Harvard.” Lausch grew up in working-class Joliet a generation later than I did. When I was a kid, Jolietans didn’t think they were living in a Chicago suburb. There were still empty spaces between Joliet... Read more »

On academics using imaginary as a noun

During 25 years as an editor in a university publications office, I saw plenty of academic jargon that made me wince. “Interrogate” with an inanimate object is one that stands out: professors were fond of writing that courses interrogate concepts. I’d previously thought of interrogate as what police do to suspects, but at least it... Read more »