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Why Call the Midwife is great television

Back when we were all gaga about Downton Abbey, another BBC drama was winning me over. Call the Midwife didn’t get the fanfare of Downton Abbey, but I came to think it was a better show. Make that is a better show — Call the Midwife is still going strong in its sixth season. It’s... Read more »

Doctor’s orders: back to low-fat diet

You may recall the reports in the last couple of years about low-fat diets being oversold. If they are so healthy, critics said, why are Americans more overweight than ever? I paid attention to books coming out with titles like Eat Fat, Get Thin because I was having trouble controlling my appetite. The authors made... Read more »

The more or less of real estate comparisons

When did you last have a conversation with someone who is buying, selling, or remodeling a house or a condo, or thinking of buying or selling? Bet not too long ago. As various commentators have noted, we Americans have real estate on our minds a lot. Now, I’m as prone to oohing and aahing over... Read more »

It's not your hearing — actors mumble

Much of the time the questions Marilyn vos Savant answers in her Parade magazine column are brain teasers — fitting for the person with the highest IQ ever recorded (228). An Ask Marilyn column a few weeks ago, though, appealed to more people than the puzzle lovers. The questioner wondered why the dialogue in movies... Read more »