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Consulting the calendar is a cure for absentmindedness

As we age, it’s common to stew about where to draw the line between “senior moments” and the first signs of dementia. Last Thursday I had back-to-back signs of growing forgetfulness — and was troubled. I arrived at my dentist’s office for a 10 o’clock appointment and wondered why the receptionist was smiling like the... Read more »

Give up cheese? No way

“Your dairy vice has been vindicated,” the headline said. That seemed reassuring, since I not only like dairy but also rely on it for a good portion of my daily protein. The headline suggested that dairy is like eggs; for years we were told to avoid eggs, especially egg yolks, and then eggs were reevaluated... Read more »

Loyola art museum deserves to be better known

If the key to marketing is finding your niche, the Loyola University Museum of Art has nailed it. But marketing is also about letting people know about you, and LUMA can improve on that score. I never hear people talk about going there. Since my to-do-in-Chicago list includes visiting little-known museums, I went to LUMA... Read more »

A ministep in getting rid of stuff

Before moving into my current condo four years ago this month, I dejunked a lot but could have done more. Decisions about many “keep or toss?” items were left for the unpacking stage. Anxious to stop looking at boxes once I was here, however, I stashed everything away. In the last few weeks I finally... Read more »