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The IRS help need help

A check from the IRS for thousands of dollars arrived in the mail last week, and I wasn’t happy. I sighed and shook my head, knowing that I would not cash the check and would be on the phone with the IRS for too long. The check was for $4,524.71. Aside from an enclosure promoting the... Read more »

20th-century "literary heirs" of Jane Austen

A Jane Austen fan, I’ve been checking out novelists who are regarded as Austen’s literary heirs. We Janeites are always looking for something to read when we need a fix and have recently reread her six novels. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the writer who reminds me the most of Austen, Barbara Pym.... Read more »

Empathizing with those who aren’t able-bodied

People who live with chronic pain and permanent disability have my sympathy and regard. It’s been only five days since an injury and I am frustrated and impatient. My current condition is the result of a fall from the upper rung of a two-step ladder. I landed on my rear end and hit my back... Read more »

If you tune out Trump, make it temporary

I really didn’t want to keep writing about Donald Trump, but here I go again. After the election, I commented to a number of friends, “It’s going to be an uninformed four years for me. I can’t stand hearing his voice, seeing his face, or reading about him.” More than one person replied that she... Read more »