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With shopping easily finished, Christmas focus changes

Since giving a gift is supposed to show you care, it seems contradictory to want Christmas shopping to require as little time and inconvenience as possible — yet I’m glad that every year it gets easier. Until a few years ago, everyone in my family gave to everyone else. I used to shop for my... Read more »

South Shore outing may inspire other “foreign” excursions

Except for Hyde Park, the South and West Sides of Chicago are mostly foreign territory to me. I want to explore them but aren’t sure where it’s safe to venture. But since a couple I know lives happily in South Shore, and since the Stony Island Arts Bank there has received so much publicity, South... Read more »

Sidewalks are for walking, skateboarders

It’s great that skateboarders got a splendid skateboard park in the far-south end of Grant Park and that it’s so well used. I wish they would walk their skateboards to the park, though. The park is only two blocks from my home, so skateboarders coming and going are a regular presence. They share the sidewalks... Read more »

World Series: thinking about a happy fan and a sad one

My 96-year-old father is a lifelong Cubs fan, although in recent years he hasn’t seemed fired up about the Cubs or the Bears, Bulls, Illini, or Notre Dame — the teams he traditionally followed — but he keeps watching them. So, even as I wanted him to see the Cubs win the World Series, I wasn’t sure... Read more »

Balanced schedule is elusive

Earlier this year I went to an all-day workshop on retirement. The speaker on the psychological aspects said that for retirees to thrive, we need to make sure every day has three things: exercise, mental stimulation, and meaningful interaction with other people. The first two aren’t a problem for me. But I’ll be danged if... Read more »