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Why I chose Medicare Advantage

Just like when we had jobs, retirees have an open enrollment period for health insurance. The period during which people can change their Medicare plans started October 15 and will end December 7. I switched from employer insurance to a less-costly Medicare policy while still working, and 2017 will be my third year on Medicare.... Read more »

Exotic Feline Rescue Center is worth a visit

One of the most incomparable places to visit within a few hours of Chicago is hardly known by the public. When I told people I’d be going to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, the only ones who had heard of it were my sister and brother-in-law in suburban Indianapolis. Since the center’s chief source of... Read more »

Separation from the news — not a permanent breakup

A friend and I recently spent five days at my sister’s vacation home in Brown County, Indiana. From the time we left Chicago on Thursday morning until we turned on the presidential debate on Sunday night, I didn’t check TV, radio, phone, or print for news. So, I didn’t hear about the Trump video brouhaha... Read more »

A good time at 50th high school reunion

Driving to my 50th high school reunion, I felt nervous. Would I spend much time standing alone, not seeing anyone to talk with? Would someone invite me to eat at her table? Did I dress appropriately? High school concerns all over again. And another question besides: Divorced and childless, not having had the newspaper career... Read more »

If Tribune wants Trump defeated, why endorse Johnson?

When a friend asked Friday morning whether I was going to cancel my subscription in protest, I didn’t know what she was talking about. I hadn’t yet heard about the Chicago Tribune’s endorsement of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson — the man who asked “What is Aleppo?” and couldn’t name a foreign leader he admired.... Read more »