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Sure is hard to garden up high in shade and wind

Wait till next year. No, I’m not predicting that disappointed Cubs fans will be saying that again after this year’s season. I’m talking about finding annual plants that will grow in my railing planters. Sitting in the living room and looking out at the balcony, you’d think the boxes hanging on the balcony railings weren’t... Read more »

Not avoiding talk about race

The posters are well-known by now: “White silence = white consent.” It was clear from half a block away that this was a Black Lives Matter protest march. That whites are being asked to put ourselves on the line is evident, but I’m not sure how to do that. Maybe it’s my introverted nature, but... Read more »

Parents celebrate a combined 185 years

For many years now I’ve watched friends deal with their elderly parents’ health problems, caring for them through cancer and other illnesses or just refusal to eat well and take their medicine. The times I’ve said “My turn will come” must number dozens by now. Incredibly, it hasn’t come yet. Dad turned 96 on Sunday,... Read more »

Self-massage for your sore spots

I don’t often spring for a massage, but Renaissance Court’s offer of a one-hour massage for $20 was irresistible. Unfortunately, the masseuse was too gentle for my liking, but a tip from her could have ongoing benefit if I’d put it into practice. She advised self-massage. Do it when you’re watching TV, she suggested, and... Read more »