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If someone were to ask my advice about an “impractical” major . . .

An acquaintance we’ll call Frank was getting all riled up about the foolishness of someone he knew. The young man had majored in history and was graduating from college $60,000 in debt. Frank went on to ridicule art majors. His son, he said, was practical — he’s going to a trade school instead of college.... Read more »

No, I can’t return to work

Sometime over last winter, when I was a few months into retirement, life settled into a satisfying rhythm. Alone time at home claims the morning. Going out is for the afternoon or evening. That there is a balance between busy and quiet, most days having just the right amount of activity, feels sort of miraculous,... Read more »

Best cat-sitting solution: trading with a neighbor

I received bad news recently: My cat-sitter is moving to Denver. Sarah lives eight floors above me. I found her by posting a note on the building bulletin board looking for someone who’d exchange cat-sitting services. The arrangement has worked beautifully in the three years since. Sarah was available all but one time I asked... Read more »

Who should give up train and bus seats?

Just after 9 on a weekday morning, I stepped onto a southbound Red Line train at Belmont. No seats were available, so I stood, staring at the seated 20- and 30-somethings who were staring at their phones. I was feeling somewhat miffed that none of them thought, “Here’s a woman at least three decades older... Read more »