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Not much new in survey on aging

In its May 22 issue, and also online, Parade magazine summarized a study about aging it conducted with the Cleveland Clinic. What struck me at first, when I thought that only older people had been surveyed, was how few surprises there were: • Eighty-two percent expect to be healthier and live longer than their parents.... Read more »

The lowdown on high-rise living

Since I moved into a high-rise in the South Loop three years ago, two friends from my former small vintage condo building in Edgewater have moved into high-rises on Sheridan Road, and another friend moved from a small vintage building in Evanston to a high-rise in Streeterville. Two of us wanted to live downtown, one... Read more »

Social history: an easy and rewarding way to do genealogy

Genealogy can be a very rewarding hobby. I’ve enjoyed it on and off for 40 years and recently sent the fourth update of the family history to relatives. But for me, it’s not names and dates that make the hobby meaningful. They tell me little about what I came from. The meaningful information was found... Read more »

To do in Chicago: a list of new-to-me possibilities for fun

Last week I was in a group of Chicago Greeters getting a tour of the Garfield Park Conservatory. Not only have I not spent enough time in the conservatory, I also had no idea there were outdoor gardens behind it. We also went into the “Golden Dome,” the Garfield Park fieldhouse and former administrative center... Read more »

Need hearing aids? Don’t be embarrassed

According to the Better Hearing Institute, nearly two-thirds of people with a hearing loss are younger than 65. Say that again? Isn’t hearing loss usually something that happens as people age? Although it is true that one in three people in their 60s have some hearing loss, and two in three over age 75, it’s... Read more »