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Neighborhoods change — note Argyle Street and Andersonville

When I volunteer for a Chicago Greeter tour with visitors who want an ethnic experience, I take them to Argyle Street. The ethnic area is not as big as Devon Avenue’s or as polished as Chinatown Square, but I like its authenticity. Southeast Asians fleeing Vietnam in the ’70s were resettled here, and many are... Read more »

Insuring a rental when you don’t own a car

For us city dwellers who gave up our cars, insuring rental cars can be confusing and maybe unnecessarily costly. It pays to know before you’re standing at the counter whether a non–car owner can get by without the insurance the rental car companies push on you. Before renting a car for a recent one-week trip... Read more »

Walking the fine line of being an aunt

Nieces and nephews who are looking to tell aunts that they’re appreciated can find a good selection of greeting cards. Lots of books and articles have been written about the joys of being an aunt. The benefits generally noted are that you get the upside of being with kids (affection, fun, admiration) without the downside... Read more »

What to do about street people who request money?

I was giving a Chicago Greeter tour recently, talking about State State in its heyday while standing at the northwest corner of State and Washington with a Delaware family — father, mother, 11-year-old son, and 7-year-old daughter. An elderly woman approached. She said she lived in a nursing home at Sheridan and Howard and had... Read more »