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Looking for a period drama to replace Downton Abbey?

It’s a show about a doktah who assists his mates in the forces of law and ordah. But this isn’t one of the many BBC imports on American TV. The Dr. Blake Mysteries is an Australian series. If you like period dramas and/or mysteries, you may want to check out The Dr. Blake Mysteries. I... Read more »

Good diet advice: feel full

In the changing, confusing sphere of diet advice, one thing jumps out at me across several plans: eating foods that make you feel full. Many people have turned to high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets on the premise that protein increases feelings of fullness, while carbs do the opposite, spiking insulin levels and stimulating the appetite. Such diets... Read more »

Celebrating a Chicago center for contemporary photography

If you’re in the Loop soon, it’s worth making the effort to walk down to 600 South Michigan to see the MoCP at 40 exhibit at Columbia College’s Museum of Contemporary Photography. The free exhibit closes on April 10. MoCP staff and student interns chose more than 150 images from the 14,000 in the museum’s... Read more »

How old do boomers feel?

A Pew Research survey in 2011, the year that the first baby boomers turned 65, found that the typical boomer thought old age didn’t begin until 72. With the first-born boomers turning 70 this year, the old age benchmark has probably been pushed back. What’s the adage about not feeling grown up until your parents... Read more »

A tale of two security guards

Visiting art museums, I sometimes wonder about the employees who stand guard near the entrances to the various rooms. Are they bored? Do they get sore feet or backs from standing all day? Do they care about art? I’ve never had the nerve to ask such questions until recently, when a guard in the new... Read more »

Too old for a hostel?

People of all ages stay in hostels in Europe. That’s not the case in this country, which has fewer hostels than Germany alone. If any of my friends have stayed in a hostel in the United States, I haven’t heard about it. For the last few years, I’ve used Airbnb when I’ve needed to find... Read more »

Three things: misused language, library circulation hassles, and plastic bags

A UNIVERSITY SHOULD KNOW IT’S FROM ITS When you’ve spent your whole career in the word business, it can be hard to stop the editor act. Goodness knows there are plenty of violations of English to notice, but playing language police doesn’t win affection. Some blunders are so funny they make me snicker, but then... Read more »