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An Easy Way to Make Someone Feel Special

Tonight, as a Chicago Now Blogger, we had the opportunity to write about “Someone Who Made You Feel Special.” Once a month we have a challenge to receive a surprise topic, write for an hour and publish it without over-thinking it or over-correcting it. I thought about many people in my 44 years who made... Read more »

When Kids Manage Up: Mom's Fashion Faux Pas Morning

Not my best parenting move this past week: It’s 7am. Our family team is working hard to complete breakfast and bust a move to catch the bus. After several parades out into the living room with numerous clothing options, multitude complaints and severe whining, I lost it. I walked into Gigi’s room with her, took... Read more »

White-Knuckle Cancer Moments with White Stripes, Wine and Chocolate

As I write, I know two women who await results on a cancer test. This entry is dedicated to them and to the hundreds–no, thousands–of women and men who are awaiting test results in this moment.  If you know someone who is going through or will go through this agonizing process, please forward this to... Read more »

Teal is Tough but Awareness is Key

I think we got the last straw when it came to picking the color…PINK for breast cancer, RED for heart health, BLUE for prostate cancer…and then there’s.. teal. Teal? I am a four-year ovarian cancer survivor and the only teal clothing I own includes the numerous t-shirts I’ve received over the years from walking in... Read more »

Remember to Call On Coraggio

Love and healing thoughts go out to our friends in Amatrice, Italy, whose beautiful, quaint village has been demolished by the earthquake yesterday. When devastation happens around the world it can feel immobilizing when victims are so far away. Thankfully, there are simple but profound ways we can assist others–either directly or indirectly: 1. Contact... Read more »

Walsh Jennings & Her Three Buckets for the Bronze

There was so much to behold with the professionalism and precision that Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross displayed in order to garner their bronze medal. Their hard work, amazing smashes and blocks as well as team work, tenacity and toughness were all part of the workings of a team that inspires others to be... Read more »

Summer Means Sand in the Buns and Beautiful, Bacon Fans

You’re gonna get sand in your buns. When you roll around on the beach and jam your body parts into the sand, you will DEFINITELY get sand in your buns. Nope, not a torrid tryst for Tom and I but a seasonal debut by my youngest daughter, Olivia: She would log-roll full-body into the sandy... Read more »

A Thirty Day Challenge of Eating Well; A Lifelong Challenge of Being Gentle

Hello, Rest Area Friends! It’s been a while and I have missed writing and connecting. My husband, Tom and I decided to take on Whole 30 this last month and it stretched us in great ways although time consuming. Shortly after we finished, the tragedy in Orlando took place and it has been hard to... Read more »

Sitterly Love: A Holiday Gift

“Twas the night before Mo came, and all through the house…not a Lund girl was stirring, not even a mouse.” In one week’s time we had our dear heart sitter, Galina, leave to take care of her new grandson and Mo, a previous sitter, pay us a visit. Our family was a bundle of tears... Read more »

School Bus Love

“Good morning, good morning!” he says with his big smile and wide-brimmed hat. Every morning, Juan, our school bus driver opens the door and greets our parents and kids in the neighborhood with the same bright message every day. His consistency each morning amazes me and it’s so special to start the day on such... Read more »