Stella Gets Our Groove Back for a Happy 2017 Full of Love...and Naps

stella-and-gigiI am a dog person.

Yet, I have hopelessly fallen in love with our new kitty cat.

We have had cats before in our house. When I met Tom, he had a cat named Sam. He was a good one, but was timid and hid under the bed alot. Then came Lucy. She was a riot and we loved her but she was a gal on the move–not one to snuggle, Lucy was a fighter and held her ground with anyone in or outside our premises.

Then came Stella. Thanks to our amazing neighbor and friend, she found a shelter who had a wonderful kitty that needed a home. I drove out ahead of my team to meet her and see if she was “the one.” We had been looking for a long time for a new addition, and our thoughts were to find a kitty first and then add a dog in about a year or so when Olivia was a bit older.

I had a great sense when I met her. Warm and snuggly, yet silly and playful, she seemed to balance the qualities we were looking for. We trucked our whole family out to Joliet on a Saturday morning in November and surprised the girls! They were smitten and so excited.

That was two months ago. I thought she was great then, but now. I am. In. Love.

I know I sound like a goof ball. What is up? This cat has nuzzled her way into my heart with her warmth, her vibrancy, her love. I can be anywhere in the house and she can find the exact, appropriate niche or crevice in my lounging position to snuggle herself right up in there. It’s endearing to say the least.

But even more than her warmth, Stella’s approach to life is a study unto itself. She has big bursts of playful energy, running up and down and all around–and then takes a big nap–usually near to or next to someone.

Jumping up and down, ready to play!

And then a nap.

Bouncing all around and chasing the girls!

And than a nap.

And then a stretch.

And then a purr (s) next to the person she has nuzzled up to.

And a nap.

Stella reminds me that the present moment is enough. While there may be a lot going on in life at any given time–jobs, work, health, life, death, aging parents, sick kids, relationship issues, you name it–Stella reminds me to be in the moment and whatever that moment is–is okay. For right now, I am healthy. For right now, I have a warm home to live in. For right now, I am gifted with friends and family that I adore. For right now, I have healthy kids. For right now, I have this moment to be thankful for and stretch and find a place in the sun, remember all of these things and then nuzzle up to one of my family members and just be for chrissakes.

Happy New Year! Screw the New Year’s Resolutions! Stretch! Find the sun! Give thanks! Hug up on your loved ones!

And take a nap.


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