Rock Your (WXRT) Teal One Last Night; Listen to Your Body Every Night

wxrt-shirtIt’s September 30th and it’s the last day (night!) of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure to purchase your vintage, WXRT, teal t-shirt (I know I said in my previous blog, “What’s up with the teal?” but this shirt is a classic, simple design and worth it). WXRT is honoring their longtime DJ, Leslie Witt, who died of ovarian cancer; check it out at

This last month through NOCC, I’ve had the good fortune to be connected to Ambry Genetics, the company that collaborates with scientists, physicians and medical researchers to create and provide genetic testing for all kinds of diseases. They have asked me to write for their patient blog on behalf of an ovarian cancer survivor and someone who tested positive for BRCA-1 gene mutation.

It was good for me to revisit the onset of my cancer experience four years ago: The link to the Ambry Genetics blog is below. As I recapped the story, the part that was most salient was the disconnect going on between my soul and my body. I was running so fast–in crisis-mode with my dad’s death, new baby, family company to help run–I didn’t have time to pause and look or feel my body until it was well past the danger zone.

When I think about National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, the over-riding theme to me truly is the word, “awareness.” Not just awareness of the disease but of our own relationship with our body. I ask you to take stock today of how your body feels. If it feels great, let out a big AMEN. If there’s something nudging you with pain or funky-ness, listen up. Go check it out. Knowledge is power and you could very well come out ahead of the game.

One more night to rock the teal! Every night to listen to our bodies.

Until next time,    This blog post was originally featured on the Ambry Genetics website. For reposting rights, please contact Ambry Genetics Corporation. © Ambry Genetics Corporation


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