A Day at Expo Chicago

Anything could happen at the International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art (EXPO), and that’s a good thing.  You might encounter dancing human symbols, or instructions on how to smuggle drugs emblazoned in neon lights, or perhaps a take on Degas that no one ever imagined.  More likely you are going to see art work that makes you stop and think, reconsider long assumed notions, and if you’re lucky, you’ll hear from one of America’s greatest living painters, about how his pictorial vision of a street corner in Chicago actually came true.

The fifth edition of EXPO CHICAGO was held at Navy Pier with artwork from 175+ leading galleries from around the world. During a conversation with Kerry James Marshall, the artist talked about how his vision of an empty corner at 39th and Indiana, captured on canvas more than 20 years ago, is now a reality with the expansion of Apostolic Faith Church.

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