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Goodbye 5776, Hello 5777

I thoroughly enjoyed my second High Holiday season. A year ago, I was just dipping my toe into the proverbial waters of Judaism. The words of Rabbi Zedek still stick with me: “Once you stop wanting to be a Jew, and actually become a Jew, you are a Jew.” There is the process of learning,... Read more »

All Dogs Go to Heaven?

All Dogs Go to Heaven? NOTE: This post doesn’t explicitly deal with religion (especially in a specific context), but it does touch on the larger issue of spirituality and whether only humans have a soul. As someone who is Agnostic, I am pretty conflicted on the notions of God, Heaven and Hell. I’ve come to... Read more »

The Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins! On Sunday, September 14th I kicked off the Spiritual Journey at St. Hilary’s Catholic Church in the North Park neighborhood. Perhaps it wasn’t the smartest idea to start on the Spiritual Journey after a full day at Riot Fest. Despite only having one beer (I’m not going to pay $7 for a... Read more »

Religion Vs. Spirituality

Religion vs. Spirituality They say never to discuss religion and politics. It’s the surefire way to make someone angry and win enemies. Being a Global Studies major though, that is what I like to talk about. Like many younger people, I have a more liberal interpretation of faith and religion. My Grandpa attended church every... Read more »