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For parents (and family) of Converts

This past Friday I “officially” became a member of the tribe, with a Rabbinic conversion (Mikvah, Bris, and Beit Din). One of the last, and most important steps was telling my parents. In fact, I had written my conversion letter last July. With 32 year in the book of life under my belt, ripping the... Read more »

What Now?

During the lunch hour, my wife called me crying. A woman of color from a rainbow family, and a member of a religious minority group – I could feel her shaking in fear and anger through the phone. She wanted reassurance, to know her place still remained in a post-Obama America. I could summon no words... Read more »

Goodbye 5776, Hello 5777

I thoroughly enjoyed my second High Holiday season. A year ago, I was just dipping my toe into the proverbial waters of Judaism. The words of Rabbi Zedek still stick with me: “Once you stop wanting to be a Jew, and actually become a Jew, you are a Jew.” There is the process of learning,... Read more »

Can You Relate?

It all began innocently enough. I was arguing in vain with my increasingly blood-red Republican mother that Wisconsin’s Scott Walker is the worst governor in America. Rejecting all my statistics, facts, and logic – I decided to use a metaphorical trump card. “He is a college dropout and a Creationist”, I said with finality. In 2016, with... Read more »

Kicking It Old Testament

Kicking It Old Testament As a rule, I make it a point to e-mail each congregation before I visit. Most places are fairly welcoming, but coming into a relatively closed community without prior notice is a recipe for awkwardness. It also leaves one without a guide or a starting point. On the converse, it leads... Read more »

The Weakest Among Us - A Case for Middle Eastern Christians

The Weakest Among Us A previous Thursday (12/3/2015), I went to a symposium on Refugees at Northwestern University, with a particular emphasis on the Syrian crisis. The discussion was moderated by WBEZ’s Jerome McDonald, featuring panelists T. Alexander Aleinikoff – United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees,  Robert Carey – Director of the Office of... Read more »

Killing in the Name Of...

Killing in the Name Of… I’ve decided not everything I write in this blog is simply going to be me heading to a church, mosque, synagogue, gurdwara or temple. Even from the dawn of religion, it was always tied up politics whether big P (government) or little p (interpersonal). Therefore, it’s not possible to have... Read more »

The Language of Jesus

The Language of Jesus A few weeks ago now I attended services at the Syriac Orthodox Church, so far out in the burbs it required multiple zoom outs in Google maps. As I roused myself awake with some terrible early morning gas station coffee, I thought about the service at hand and I was anxious.... Read more »

Everything Zen

Everything Zen I’ve looked forward to every service I’ve been to thus far, but I was most excited about going to a Buddhist service. Almost all of what I know is purely superficial, but unlike the idea of going to Church, going to a Buddhist Temple just sounds relaxing. Any service that recommends wearing baggy,... Read more »


Evangelism I recently went to my middle cousin’s wedding. Everything was in the church, the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony featured songs, the type of music my mother-in-law listens to on K-Love. The music was simple, just a guitar player and two vocalists. The majestic organ remained unused (I asked the Pastor about it,... Read more »