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If It Walks Like a Duck…

If It Walks Like a Duck… In the Donald’s words, there is no one less Anti-Semitic you’ve ever seen. There is no one less racist, so sayeth our tiny handed, orange tinged, and unhinged leader. Trump, it has been noted, has Jewish grandchildren, a Jewish daughter and son-in-law. And according to Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu has... Read more »

A Commercial Christmas: The real reason for the season

A Commercial Christmas Every year, the holidays come earlier and earlier. Thus, September heralds the start of Halloween preparation. October begins all things Pumpkin in advance of Thanksgiving. By Mid-November, there is a serious shortage of pumpkin spice, and white women everywhere freak out about their next Chai Pumpkin Latte fix. Christmas begins before Thanksgiving,... Read more »

White Jesus, White Moses

White Jesus, White Moses Note: This particular entry touches on religion, but spends more time in the cultural and historical forces shaping the depiction of Biblical figures. I am fully aware what a potentially divisive topic this is. With the glut of Hollywood moves revolving around Biblical themes lately, it seems that Christianity is enjoying... Read more »