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Make America Fear Again

Make America Fear Again History is non-linear. Most places around the globe instinctively know that the best days are not always ahead, nor promised. America remains one of the few that views progress as inexorable, as inevitable as February snow in Minnesota. Students of history of course, know a different truth. America has retreated into itself... Read more »

What Now?

During the lunch hour, my wife called me crying. A woman of color from a rainbow family, and a member of a religious minority group – I could feel her shaking in fear and anger through the phone. She wanted reassurance, to know her place still remained in a post-Obama America. I could summon no words... Read more »

Thoughts, Prayers, and Hypocrisy

Thoughts, Prayers, and Hypocrisy Thoughts and prayer without actions are day dreams. After the ceaseless parade of mass shootings, I see the same Facebook phrases pop up. Of course, we should be focused on those who have been killed, injured, or grieving personal loss. Of course, we should want this type of violence to cease... Read more »

The Proximity Effect

The Proximity Effect It seems that every time a new terrorist attack rocks Europe a flurry of hashtags and updated profile pictures populate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Brussels was no exception. The dual bombings that killed more than 20 at the airport and at a train station were the latest jolts to our collective psyche.... Read more »

The Other Islam

The Other Islam For many Americans, Islam is a monolithic religion that by its “inherent” nature intends to do great harm to the West. Many point out to the seemingly endless death and destruction in places like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen as inescapable proof of its violence. Violence does occur throughout the Middle East,... Read more »

The Weakest Among Us - A Case for Middle Eastern Christians

The Weakest Among Us A previous Thursday (12/3/2015), I went to a symposium on Refugees at Northwestern University, with a particular emphasis on the Syrian crisis. The discussion was moderated by WBEZ’s Jerome McDonald, featuring panelists T. Alexander Aleinikoff – United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees,  Robert Carey – Director of the Office of... Read more »

American Terrorist

American Terrorist Every once in a while, I see or read something that makes me ashamed to be an American. With the wave of anti-Islamic rhetoric steadily increasing, I feel confused and ashamed. I am not one of those who believes that Islam should be given a free pass. Especially in that ISIS or Da-esh,... Read more »

Killing in the Name Of...

Killing in the Name Of… I’ve decided not everything I write in this blog is simply going to be me heading to a church, mosque, synagogue, gurdwara or temple. Even from the dawn of religion, it was always tied up politics whether big P (government) or little p (interpersonal). Therefore, it’s not possible to have... Read more »

Islam Where You’re From, Islam Where You’re At (Part 3)

Islam Where You’re From, Islam Where You’re At (Part 3) Part 3 of this installment deals with reading the Qur’an. I welcome any feedback that can provide clarifications or distill any misconceptions I may have. I began reading the Qur’an following 2006 to better understand why that particular cartoon had released such a potent outburst... Read more »

A Minor Miracle

A Minor Miracle I recently visited the Downtown Islamic Center (DIC). I came around 1 PM on a Friday, the Day of Prayer. The DIC is in an unassuming building on State Street nestled between two gaudy clothing stores. As I walked in and took the elevator, I was greeted with hearty “Salaams” and “welcome... Read more »