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For parents (and family) of Converts

This past Friday I “officially” became a member of the tribe, with a Rabbinic conversion (Mikvah, Bris, and Beit Din). One of the last, and most important steps was telling my parents. In fact, I had written my conversion letter last July. With 32 year in the book of life under my belt, ripping the... Read more »

Goodbye 5776, Hello 5777

I thoroughly enjoyed my second High Holiday season. A year ago, I was just dipping my toe into the proverbial waters of Judaism. The words of Rabbi Zedek still stick with me: “Once you stop wanting to be a Jew, and actually become a Jew, you are a Jew.” There is the process of learning,... Read more »

Making a Minyan

Making a Minyan I’ve been struggling to really find words that adequately sum up the wide range of emotions I’m feeling as I continue down the path of conversion to Judaism. I’ve been both gung ho and reticent in equal parts. Judaism is a very intellectual faith, one that is heavy on challenging and questioning.... Read more »

An Incipient Convert

The Start of Something Big I was Baptized Lutheran. I went to Sunday School. I had my first Communion. I went to more Sunday School. I learned Luther’s Small Catechism. I was confirmed. I was in the Middle and High School Youth Group. I went on service trips every year of high school during the... Read more »