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A Minor Miracle

A Minor Miracle I recently visited the Downtown Islamic Center (DIC). I came around 1 PM on a Friday, the Day of Prayer. The DIC is in an unassuming building on State Street nestled between two gaudy clothing stores. As I walked in and took the elevator, I was greeted with hearty “Salaams” and “welcome... Read more »

Starting Out

Starting Out My original intent was to start this blog in January 2015. The idea was to start everything on January 1, 2015 and spend a whole calendar year on my spiritual journey. But, I’ve realized this isn’t a journey to start on some arbitrary date, it’s a journey that begins when the heart tells... Read more »

Welcome to the Religious Journey through Chicago

Welcome! Like all spiritual quests, I suppose the impetus for this is a journey of discovery. As of 2014, when I’m writing this, I don’t consider myself religious or even particularly spiritual. Like a lot of nominal Christians, I go to church two or three times per year, i.e. the major holidays and the occasional... Read more »