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If It Walks Like a Duck…

If It Walks Like a Duck… In the Donald’s words, there is no one less Anti-Semitic you’ve ever seen. There is no one less racist, so sayeth our tiny handed, orange tinged, and unhinged leader. Trump, it has been noted, has Jewish grandchildren, a Jewish daughter and son-in-law. And according to Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu has... Read more »

Be the Light

Be the Light With the furlough day, I had some sorely needed time to myself. I started my day at the National Museum of Mexican Art, partly because I hadn’t been in over 7 years, and partially as a form of protest against America’s wall-building inclinations. Next up was the Ukrainian National Museum in West... Read more »

Waving the Israeli Flag

In so many realms, I consider myself liberal. I was immersed in one of the most Liberal majors at a Liberal university in a very Liberal state. My career path has been largely one of public service, especially to and within lower-income communities of color. I sincerely hope I am a true ally, and am... Read more »