If You Are Evangelical, You Cannot Support Donald Trump

I understand the viewpoints of some who feel politically, economically, and socially marginalized. I understand their desire to tear up the existing playbook, cast the die with someone who represents as dramatic a break as possible from politics as usual. I understand that inequality is an ever present and increasingly glaring blight on the American... Read more »

Can You Relate?

It all began innocently enough. I was arguing in vain with my increasingly blood-red Republican mother that Wisconsin’s Scott Walker is the worst governor in America. Rejecting all my statistics, facts, and logic – I decided to use a metaphorical trump card. “He is a college dropout and a Creationist”, I said with finality. In 2016, with... Read more »

Waving the Israeli Flag

In so many realms, I consider myself liberal. I was immersed in one of the most Liberal majors at a Liberal university in a very Liberal state. My career path has been largely one of public service, especially to and within lower-income communities of color. I sincerely hope I am a true ally, and am... Read more »

A Crisis of Faith

Completely Honest (7/7/2016) Like everyone in my family, I’m famously stubborn. I do not let go of bad habits, or make changes easily. When my body told me I needed to go to the bathroom 6-7 times every morning for nearly a month straight, it should have woken me up. When the vision faded and... Read more »

Thoughts, Prayers, and Hypocrisy

Thoughts, Prayers, and Hypocrisy Thoughts and prayer without actions are day dreams. After the ceaseless parade of mass shootings, I see the same Facebook phrases pop up. Of course, we should be focused on those who have been killed, injured, or grieving personal loss. Of course, we should want this type of violence to cease... Read more »

The Proximity Effect

The Proximity Effect It seems that every time a new terrorist attack rocks Europe a flurry of hashtags and updated profile pictures populate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Brussels was no exception. The dual bombings that killed more than 20 at the airport and at a train station were the latest jolts to our collective psyche.... Read more »

Kicking It Old Testament

Kicking It Old Testament As a rule, I make it a point to e-mail each congregation before I visit. Most places are fairly welcoming, but coming into a relatively closed community without prior notice is a recipe for awkwardness. It also leaves one without a guide or a starting point. On the converse, it leads... Read more »

The Other Islam

The Other Islam For many Americans, Islam is a monolithic religion that by its “inherent” nature intends to do great harm to the West. Many point out to the seemingly endless death and destruction in places like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen as inescapable proof of its violence. Violence does occur throughout the Middle East,... Read more »

Solo Shabbat and Other Thoughts

Solo Shabbat and Other Thoughts I’ll admit it: the Spiritual Journey hasn’t gone as planned. In theory, the goal was to attend a different service every week. The goal was to take a studious, scholarly approach. My hope was to eliminate judgments and pre-conceived notions. In practice, it’s often been several months with a gap... Read more »

Making a Minyan

Making a Minyan I’ve been struggling to really find words that adequately sum up the wide range of emotions I’m feeling as I continue down the path of conversion to Judaism. I’ve been both gung ho and reticent in equal parts. Judaism is a very intellectual faith, one that is heavy on challenging and questioning.... Read more »