From Chicago to Chiang Mai

As I mentioned before, I’m back to flying and my appreciation for the flexibility and travel privileges of my flight attendant life has deepened. There’s a renewed enthusiasm as I actively tackle once again my growing bucket list of places and experiences (2019 version coming soon).

One of the places on this year’s list that I can already cross off as of today is Thailand!

After nearly 20 hours in the air (one 13-hour flight to Tokyo, a second 6-hour flight to Bangkok  and an hour to Chiang Mai), I’m here!

The commute was a long, solo journey, but over the next few days I’ll be meeting up with old and new friends that are also vacationing and living in Chiang Mai. In my network of  fly guys and gals as well as my random travel addicted friends, it seems like everyone has been to Thailand except me.

My Fear of Missing Out (more commonly known as FOMO) is a real condition right up there with my wanderlust flare ups.

At this moment, jet lag and excitement has inspired me to begin to chronicle my experience. I’ve never been to Asia and in many ways, I feel as if this is my first trip abroad.  There’s so much that’s so new to me and so much still to figure out. The airports looks the same for the most part, but the people, customs and vibe is so different. I got to learn some basic Thai phrases after my nap…

So much has been written about Thailand and how you can find your way around. You can find most information by Googling or joining Facebook. So, I’ll try not to rehash what you can easily find online. If I’m not too busy eating my way through the city while visiting temples and elephants over the next few days,  I may blog more. But in the meantime, here my key Thailand takeaways so far:

  1. A 13-hour plane ride is a piece of cake when you’re traveling first class. A subsequent coach ride for six hours is pure hell. Big ups to flight attendants serving meals on trays for an hour flight to Chiang Mai!
  2. My Sister, The Serial Killer is a by Oyinkan Braithwaite is was a perfect easy read when taking a break from airplane movies. Engaging and humorous.
  3.  Although, Shrimp Dim Sum and Jasmine tea were the least adventurous food choices on the menu at the  airport’s Thai cafe and bakery, it was the ideal 1:00 a.m. at the Bangkok airport.
  4. I was winning by Googling that the best currency exchange places where located on bottom level of the Bangkok airport.
  5. I was not winning by getting stuck for 10 minutes in the elevator on the way back up to 4th floor departures. The elevator simply stalled and guess who was the only English speaking person…But, we made it out before panic set in and more importantly before departure times. We were in a glass elevator so not as claustrophobic.

Photos coming later…maybe

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