I am a podcast fanatic.  I've actually had to scale back over the last year.  but I still listen daily.  My tastes are pretty varied.  People are always asking me about what I listen to, and such, so I thought I would create a page to share.  I will try to keep this updated as podcasts come in and out of my life. Do you have any good suggestions?  Please feel free to share them with me!
Last updated: February 17, 2019

Ongoing Series:

This American Life: This is a staple of any podcast listeners library.  Amazing storytelling. Always informative, always insightful.

Radiolab: Very much in the same vein of This American Life.  Dual hosts, with a lot of playful banter.  This has far more commentary from the hosts than what Ira Glass provides.  I really dig this one.

Bawdy Storytelling: If you like hearing and talking about sex, this is one for you.  A range of guests telling bawdy stories about their sex life.  If you're feeling bad about your sex life, listen to this one.  You'll be happy you're not sharing your bed with craziness.

Curious City: This is a podcast exclusively about Chicago.  People around town submit questions, and the host Monica Eng, chooses one and answers it.  Simple concept. Exceptionally insightful. If there's something in town you've been wondering about, definitely check and see if they've answered about it, and if not, submit your question.  They answered a question I submitted last year.  You can hear that episode here.

Death, Sex & Money:  The title says it all.

16 Shots:  If you live in Chicago, this is mandatory listening.  If you are interested in Chicago, or issues of social justice, policing in America, the American judicial system, etc, this is mandatory listening.  Hosted by the always amazing Jennifer White of WBEZ.  

Not ongoing:

Dirty John: This is a true crime story, told in 6 episodes.  Extremely interesting story.  Has also been turned into a TV show.

Dr. DeathMade by the same people as Dirty John. Also true crime, also extremely interesting.  This one offers amazing insight into the American healthcare system, and how little oversight there can truly be.