Peach Scone Love And The South Loop

Peach Scone Love And The South Loop
There's gotta be a peach scone in here somewhere.

I had a date last night. At least I think it was a date.

Actually, I think it was supposed to be a date.

If it was a date, it would be date 3 with the young lady in question. She seems good people. A live wire for sure. I find her very attractive. Her skin tone is almost the exact same as mine, which I think is a perfect skin tone…mad sexy if I may say. She plays with her hair a lot. Which I find oddly cute. Not playing with it like pulling on it, but like she’ll put it down. And 5 mins later she’ll put it up, and then it’s back down, and then she’ll run her fingers through it to get it out of her face. It’s more of an ongoing battle rather than playtime, but damn it’s mad sexy in that she has this beautiful black hair that frames her face perfectly.

So when she invited me out to trivia night with her friends, I thought perhaps this was an opportunity for her to see me interact with her clique. She has a small, tight group of friends, which is cool. I have no issues socializing with people. I tend to be able to get along with anyone.

Well, it didn’t feel like a date. It was at a cute little bar in the South Loop. I will say that I liked the bar, Half Sour, and I am not one to be often found in the South Loop. There isn’t much to be found there in the evening has been my experience, and it has a constant air of shadiness, like you never know what may kick off at any given moment. In fact, the scuffle I inserted myself into a few weeks back was in the South Loop. Yet, I digress.

So, while I try to keep it to a minimum, in some situations, I can be an over thinker. When I arrived at the bar, I found my seat was not next to the young lady, which ultimately was fine, I’m beyond needing a safety blanket of any kind in social settings, but it just struck me as odd.

The group was fun, and charming. I will admit that I like people who are willing to put everything on the table. I was thrilled to find most of the group had went to the most recent Hump Fest tour stop when it was in Chicago.

I enjoy people who are free; with their thoughts, feelings, fears, opinions. It’s a rare occasion when meeting someone the conversation ranges from living in foreign countries, to work, to analingus, to marriage, music, and back to traveling. I tend to be mad inappropriate in my off-clock hours, so it’s always pleasant to be in company where I can hear and feel my thoughts being mirrored in others.

After the date, I walked the young lady to her train. She’s debating on relocating to another Chicago neighborhood. I’m feverishly apartment ( now suddenly condo) hunting, and we talked good locations and reasonable prices. We parted with a hug.

As I strolled down State Street, heading to Congress, the song “Peach Scone” came up. I’ve been listening to Hobo Johnson nonstop over the past week. Definitely check him and his band The Lovemakers out.

Peach Scone is a lovely little diddy, about being caught between love and loneliness. Now no, I am not in love with anyone. However, I do find myself wondering if I love the thought of being in a relationship, or is it just I love thought of not being so alone. It’s tough, and I don’t know.

I love the thought of being with you, or maybe it’s the thought of not being so alone.” ~ Hobo Johnson

Casual dating is not my bag, but I’ve been doing it as of late. The emotional scarring has been at a medium, and ultimately, that’s the most I feel like I can hope for at this juncture.

I think ultimately, I feel crummy because I feel myself becoming something I never thought I’d be; jaded.

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