Strides For Peace, Spring Awakening, and UFC 225!!!

Strides For Peace, Spring Awakening, and UFC 225!!!

First things first…

I didn’t quit!!!

I wanted to quit, could’ve quit…but I didn’t quit. So as I mentioned in my previous blog, I ran the 5K for the Strides for Peace Race Against Gun Violence

…And I didn’t quit.

This was my first time running in 2 years…since I ran Strides for Peace in 2016. There was a short span of time where I enjoyed running…but I feel that bird has flown the nest.

But damnit, it felt good to do something good for my city. As I ran, my back aching, legs aching, I thought about the people who’ve been lost to gun violence, just this year alone. I thought about Ari Armour, former security guard at Hubbard High School in West Lawn who recently met an untimely end to gun violence.

Here is a video of Ari, with the Hubbard High School African American club, in a PSA they filmed for Wear Orange Day 2 years ago.

I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment and relief when I finished. It turned out to be an amazing event, with close to 1500 runners, and a record amount of money raised to help support Chicago gun violence prevention organizations. If you aren’t familiar with the organization, check them out immediately!!!

Next up was Spring Awakening!! I was a little surprised and dismayed at how sore I was from running the 5K, so needless to say following that up with 11 hours of standing on my feet slinging beer and wine to thirsty EDM ragers wasn’t the most tantalizing though, but I knew that I would be ok once the music started, and I was right. Man…I love festivals….well, I love bartending festivals.  I don’t think I would have nearly as much fun at Spring Awakening as an attendee as I would meeting and chatting with people while serving alcohol. 97% of the people are amazing. There is that small percentage who get shitty for whatever reason (yes, yes, I know you had to wait for your beer, but we’re working as fast as we can)…I was at Tent 1, stage right of the mainstage.  I got to hear all the amazing music, flirt with amazingly beautiful women, actually hooked one couple up, and made some good money in the process.  Also, shout out to Chicago Festival Management Group for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the backstage magic.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what DJ’s I heard (I mean, yeah, I heard everyone on the main stage), but I didn’t really lift my head up long enough to enjoy the sites….beer slinging is a fast paced thing, especially when you’re next to that mainstage and that crowd just surges!!! Unfortunately, I won’t be there today, but rage hard Chicagoans (and visitors…I met this one amazingly beautiful silver haired young lady from Argentina, and her guy was from Guatemala…welcome to Chicago!!!!)…I shall return to you tomorrow to close out the fest and to see Dead – fucking- Maus…but for today, I will be communing with the Gods of War at

UFC 225!!!!

Man, I haven’t seen a live UFC event since January 26, 2013. If you’ve never been to alive UFC event, let me assure you that you are missing out.  Now, I have heard people complain about some aspects of the live experience.  And yes, I will concede, there is no Joe Rogan in your ear…however, for $15, you can remedy that by buying a small radio listening device that streams the commentary to you there in the arena with a small earpiece.  Also, I had a few friends complain about the view as you get higher up. I however, save up some money in a sock for when the UFC comes to town.  I am sitting in Section 111, Row 11, Seat 1.  My view will be perfect. In 2013, I saw in Section 111, Row 5.

Fuck inflation!

But alas, if you invest in a good seat, you get to see all the good shit. And, it’s amazing all the people you meet. There is a fan expo going on right now (As soon as I’m done typing this, I’m heading that way), where you can meet fighters, and then you can meet tons of fighters there in the Arena. I was actually at a urinal, when I saw something massive move up over to my right.  I glanced over…

…yes, yes, I know it’s bad etiquette to go peeping at people at the urinals, but I was like, WTF???  I couldn’t resist…

…and there was UFC Heavyweight Ben Rothwell. I was like “Holy crap!!  He’s huge!!!  I’m a heavyweight. But when you see a UFC Heavyweight, you realize that YOU are in fact, not a true heavyweight.

After he came out the bathroom, I got a picture with him.  He was super pleasant.  He’s a Midwest guy.  Awesome!

Are drinks overpriced at events like this? Yes!  Is food overpriced?  Yes!  Is it all worth it for the visceral experience for screaming and yelling with 10,000 new friends at the mastery of action?


So tomorrow, I will be returning to Spring Awakening. Don’t be afraid to come by Tent 1 and say hello. And then Monday, it’s back to the daily grind.  Tuesday, movie at Millennium Park…and so it goes.

Sorry this is so haphazard, but I got too much excitement in me and I’m one a deadline…UFC awaits…and UFC waits for no man!!!

Where are you fitting in this weekend?  Let me know in the comments below.  Where are you fitting in among all the hustle and bustle in the city this fine weekend????  Let me know!

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