Unpublished Throwback: Did You Know There Was A Peace March and Rally In Chicago Thursday? And It Was Awesome

Note: This blog was originally created on October 29, 2017, but was never published.

Today, I had the privilege of an attending a peace march and rally here in Chicago.  In fact, I was the guest speaker. The rally was organized by the community of teachers and students at Dr. Martin Luther King Academy for Social Justice in the Englewood community.

Now, as someone who has helped organize a march before, it is no small task. There are a lot of plates that must be sent spinning, particularly if you plan on taking school children outside of the building during a school day and walk around the neighborhood; coordination between Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Police Department, Community Partners, and parents…and of course you have to have the children on board.

It’s no small task. And today’s march and rally was amazing.  King Academy started by pulling in some heavy hitters. Chicago Rapper and Spoken Word Artist WDOTILL was in the house to offer some inspirations and poignant spoken word.  In addition, the marching band from Butler College Prep were in attendance to keep spirits high and keep everyone pumped up as we spread a message of peace and unity in the community.

Here’s also some video of the event:

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