A short and complete thought on the events in Las Vegas

A short and complete thought on the events in Las Vegas
Good morning readers,
You should know by now that I speak honestly. We’ve been here before. We’ve seen the biggest mass shooting in American history before. I for one am not sending thoughts, prayers, or well wishes, because it all hangs cheap in the face of preventable tragedy. We choose not to talk “politics” in the face of tragedy, because it’s not the right time. And then the United States of Amnesia will forget the 58 people of Las Vegas, just like we forgot the 49 people of Orlando, and the 32 people of Blacksburg, and the 20 children (Children!!!!) and 6 adults of Sandy Hook, and the 23 people of Killeen, and the 21 people of San Ysidro, and of course Mr. Whitman’s 16 victims in Austin. There lies before you the 7 worst mass shootings in American history.
We’ll shake our fists, we’ll talk a good game…and nothing will change. Right now, Congress is considering federally deregulating gun silencers. Stop and think about that. Wayne Lapierre and his cock knocking NRA buddies are laughing it up, because in the face of these tragedies, gun sales actually increase.  Did you know that?  This morning, gun stocks jumped, following a historical pattern after mass shootings
Well wishes never fed a hungry mouth, and I can assure you they won’t save the next batch of lives when a man or woman reaches their breaking point, and decides to take their high powered rifle and a high quantity of ammunition, and decides to make others feel their pain. Action is so much more effective.  That action at this moment should be calling on Congress to enact common sense laws to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  That would be paying homage to the victims and doing right by their memory.  If you live in Illinois, you could call your representative and make sure they are supporting Gun Dealer Licensing, which will help make sure guns stay out of the wrong hands.  Now, cue the NRA and ISRA (Illinois State Rifle Association) talking heads in the comment section. 
So often we want to talk about American exceptionalism. Well, let’s talk about America’s exceptional relationship with gun violence, and it’s often exceptionally bad relationship with mental health.  We can do better. We must do better.  #Enough

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