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Seabrook out, Bolland in for Game 4 vs Canucks

There’s some good news and some bad news for the Blackhawks as they head into tonight’s Game 4 matchup with the Canucks.  First the bad news…Brent Seabrook, who was the victim of a vicious (and legal…according to the NHL’s thinktank) hit from Vancouver forward Raffi Torres, is out tonight.  One can safely assume he has a... Read more »

Injuries, exhaustion a bad recipe for Blackhawks

A few days ago, I told Hawk fans not to panic…well…I guess you were all right. After falling behind three games to none to Vancouver Sunday night, it’s all over but the shouting for the Blackhawks. Barring a miracle, the Hawks will be eliminated in short order. Roberto Luongo and the Canuck celebrate yet another... Read more »

Help us Blackhawk core...you're our only hope

In last night’s 4-3 loss to the Vancouver Canucks, the best Blackhawk on the ice wore number 57.  That’s right, Ben Smith, who was playing in his eighth career NHL game, potted two goals…the other went to offensive juggernaut Viktor Stalberg. As if a 2-0 deficit isn’t hard enough to overcome with everyone playing well,... Read more »

Relax...the Blackhawks are still alive

Right now, Chicago hockey fans are panicked.  A 2-0 loss to the Vancouver Canucks has been amplified to a 7-0 blowout loss.  Please step off the ledge…the season isn’t over. The first period last night was a huge problem.  The Hawks had no answer for the Canucks’ onslaught.  It was men vs boys for 20... Read more »

Your Blackhawks weekend playoff scenarios

I know it’s confusing, but try to stay with me here.  I’ll try to make this Hawks / Stars / Ducks playoff chase as easy to understand as possible.   Hawks and Wings this weekend. Hawks need 3 out of 4 points to be safe. Before I tell you about the current standings, you need... Read more »

The Dilemma of Patrick Kane

The Dilemma of Patrick Kane
Friday, February 18th, approximately 1:00pm CT.  Deadspin.com posts a story on Patrick Kane alleging he missed two practices this week with a two day hangover, instead of the flu as the team had claimed.  They have pictures of a drunken Kane at a bar, though it was impossible to tell when they were taken.  Fans... Read more »

Hawks send their Skille to South Beach

Pacan was recently dismissed from the University of Vermont hockey program for violating the student-athlete code of conduct
It was only a matter of time.  Jack Skille just wasn’t working out.  It could have been a lack of a real chance, he could just be a bust.  Either way, he’s the Florida Panther’s enigma now.  Right before Wednesday’s puck drop in Edmonton, the Blackhawks traded Skille, along with Rockford wingers Hugh Jessiman and... Read more »

Blackhawks begin "rest of the season" tonight in Columbus

Aside from Patrick Sharp, Corey Crawford has been the Hawks MVP this season
SNOW! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about hockey.  The Blackhawks embark on the final stretch of the season today.  With 32 games to go, the Hawks hold the 7 seed with 56 points.  Last season, the 8th seed (Colorado) needed 95 points to get in the playoffs.  With that as the... Read more »

Nothing but questions as Blackhawks hit All Star break

Nothing but questions as Blackhawks hit All Star break
For those of you who have been consumed with Bear mania, you may have missed what the Blackhawks have been doing this season. If one word comes to mind to describe the 2010-11 version of the defending champs, it would have to be “ordinary.”  There have been nights of good, and nights of bad, but... Read more »

NHL All Star Game format not quite perfect, yet

This season, the NHL is instituting a new format to the All Star Game.  The 6 players who receive the most fan votes (Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, and Marc-Andre Fleury) are in, and yesterday, the NHL Department of Hockey Operations revealed their selections.  Those All Stars will now elect two... Read more »