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Hockey etiquette for the new Blackhawks fan

Last night, as I watched the Hawks beat the Maple Leafs from Section 308, I realized that the United Center is quickly becoming the new Wrigley Field (minus all the losing).  A Blackhawks game has become the place you bring you clients, your kids, or spend your 21st birthday “woo-ing” and asking everyone to buy... Read more »

Personal feelings aside, Chelios is best American born player ever

So Chris Chelios has signed with the Chicago Wolves, in hopes of getting a shot with an NHL team desperate for an old, slow, has been defenseman. He’s old.  Really old.  He’s also a traitor.  He swore he’d never be a Red Wing.  He lied to you. He’s a jerk.  He flaunts the Cup in... Read more »