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Traitor Chelios undeserving of Heritage Night

This is how he will be, and should be a Red Wing
Since Rocky Wirtz took over as Chairman of the Chicago Blackhawks, bad decisions have been rare.  From bringing back Pat Foley, hiring John McDonough, televising home games, launching the Blackhawks convention, and honoring former Hawks greats with heritage nights, the Hawks have been right on with their decisions.  Well, tonight, I think the Hawks have... Read more »

Hockey etiquette for the new Blackhawks fan

Last night, as I watched the Hawks beat the Maple Leafs from Section 308, I realized that the United Center is quickly becoming the new Wrigley Field (minus all the losing).  A Blackhawks game has become the place you bring you clients, your kids, or spend your 21st birthday “woo-ing” and asking everyone to buy... Read more »

Personal feelings aside, Chelios is best American born player ever

So Chris Chelios has signed with the Chicago Wolves, in hopes of getting a shot with an NHL team desperate for an old, slow, has been defenseman. He’s old.  Really old.  He’s also a traitor.  He swore he’d never be a Red Wing.  He lied to you. He’s a jerk.  He flaunts the Cup in... Read more »