6 Blackhawks among NHL 14's Top 50

With the release of EA Sports’ annual NHL video game right around the corner, the sports gaming giant has released their top 50 players for this season’s edition. Let’s take a look at which Hawks made the cut, and which were left out.

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45. Patrick Sharp – 88 Overall


Sharp is the picture of a consistent and well rounded hockey player. He ranks above 80 in every category, aside from “Fighting Skill” where he comes in at a very respectable 75.

35. Patrick Kane – 88 Overall


Kane’s overall rating is obviously hurt by the physical and defensive elements of his game. He made strides in those departments last season, but the guys over at EA apparently hadn’t received the memo in time. Make no mistake, though. Kane will be accurately explosive when it comes to the offensive side of the game.

31. Brent Seabrook – 89 Overall


Coming off the least impressive season of his NHL career didn’t hurt Seabrook in EA’s ratings, and it probably shouldn’t have. Aside from Duncan Keith, there is no defenseman on the roster I trust more during a critical moment of a game.

24. Marian Hossa – 89 Overall


Much like Sharp, Hossa is as well-rounded a player as there is in the NHL. He’s just a notch above Sharp in nearly every category.

12. Duncan Keith – 90 Overall


Keith is one of two Blackhawks to crack the 90s in NHL14. I don’t know if there’s a more effective video game Blackhawk since Jeremy Roenick. His speed is unsurpassed, and his ability to both score and defend makes him an incredibly valuable part of your virtual hockey roster.

7. Jonathan Toews – 92 Overall


Captain Serious is the highest ranked Hawk, and rightfully so. Great at faceoffs, great defensively, and his offensive game obviously speaks for itself. If he had Keith’s blast-off speed, he might be in the top three.

1. Sidney Crosby – 95 Overall


Sid the Kid topping the list should come as no surprise. While he isn’t exactly loved by anyone outside of Pittsburgh, when he’s healthy, he’s unstoppable.

Do you think any Blackhawks were snubbed?  Should Corey Crawford have been ranked in the Top 50?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

NHL 14 is available beginning September 10th. Find me on XBOX Live : IrishRed77

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