Alex Burrows is a tool, and other random hockey thoughts

Alex Burrows is a tool, and other random hockey thoughts

“I was saying Boo-itch”

Sometimes I forget just how loathsome the Vancouver Canucks are.  Really.  I know I dislike them.  I know you, the reader, dislikes them.  I know every other team in the NHL dislikes them, but I forget sometimes.  Well, no one reminds me of that hatred like Alex Burrows.  You know Burrows…the hair pulling, finger biting, and now groin kneeing Canuck.  To call him an agitator would be an insult to effective agitators like Dino Ciccarelli and Theo Fleury.  Those guys could play the game a bit, and would only tip toe over the line, rather than take a leak all over it.  You can talk about how fighting is bad for the game, but at least there is respect and sportsmanship in a hockey fight.  Both guys agree, and they go.  There is nothing respectful about Burrows’ antics.  There is nothing worse than a coward.  Burrows is a coward…and his opponents and teammates notice.

Twist of Kane

Has there been a better Blackhawk over the last month than Patrick Kane?  His numbers are very good, but not overwhelming.  The difference with Kane has been his absolute commitment.  He’s skating hard, making plays, and even delivering checks and clearing the crease.

Those who have read this blog for a while know I’ve been hard on Kane historically, but he’s been above criticism lately.  He’s been unbelievable.  If he can play this way throughout the playoffs, winning a round or two without Toews is NOT impossible.

#ShawFact – I Was Wrong

Andrew Shaw is not just a dude.  I thought he was.  I was wrong, and for that I’m sorry.  While his skill set is still not that of an elite forward, or even a top six winger, Shaw’s willingness to play bigger than his size (5 ’10 180) is what makes him so effective.  He’s fearless.  He’s plays with a reckless abandon I haven’t seen since the younger, healthier days of Jeremy Roenick.  The fear with a player like Shaw is twofold.  First off, a guy that small who plays that big is going to get hurt.  It will likely take a step or two of speed away from him, thus lessening his effectiveness, and shortening his career.

Secondly, my only complaint with Shaw is, and has been, the fact that he’s started believing in his offensive game too much.  That is what got him sent down the first time.  Hopefully he’s learned that lesson, but I’ve seen one or two too many Kris Versteeg style toe drags lately.  Get to the net kid.  It will continue to pay off.

A Little Dab Oduya

The Blackhawks are 9-1-1 since acquiring Johnny Oduya at the trade deadline.  He’s been absolutely outstanding.  Aside from his game winning assist last night, his biggest impact has been the calming influence he’s had on the Hawks blue line, especially Nick Leddy.  Oduya’s patience with the puck has made a huge difference.  Before his arrival, Leddy would occasionally handle the puck like a hand grenade.  “Just get it away from me!”  Oduya’s willingness to wait a tick or two before making the clearing pass is rubbing off on Leddy and his teammates.  The PK looks better, the PP looks better, and the defense as a whole looks better.  Oduya is a big part of that change.

All Elbows

My initial response to Duncan Keith’s hit on Daniel Sedin was, “Two games.”  I stand by that.  It was a dirty hit plain and simple.  It doesn’t matter that he was elbowed first.  Hopefully the league looks at Daniel’s hit on Keith also, but on it’s own, Keith hit warrants a suspension.  Shane Doan received three games for his hit on Dallas’ Jamie Benn.  Brendan Shanahan’s reasoning was that Doan had a past history (Keith doesn’t) and Benn wasn’t injured on the play (Sedin was).  With that in mind…two games seems fair.  I’d expect a fine for Daniel and maybe a game or a fine for Burrows’ knee on Keith’s groin.


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  • het...fat ass! let me corrdct your poor version you call a blog...first and shouldn't call this a sould call this garbage! Daniel Sedin DID NOT...and I repeat it again so you clearly get the facts here...Daniel Sedin DID NOT elbow Duncan Keith as you clearly lose credibility as a blogger when you blatantly lie and distort facts!

    you'd kill to have a player such as Burrow's on your team...he the best and most effective player of his kind in the NHL! I don't respect your analogy of him...but then're an American wannabe hockey blogger...have you ever noticed that us Canadians seem to be the best players, most knowledgeable and can sniff out a dirtbag who doesn't know a thing about the game when we see one?

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    I guess he stopped rioting long enough to post on your blog, Jay

  • @dazz
    You are an idiot. No, Sedin's elbow was not as blatant as Keith's but he CLEARLY went high on Keith and if you didn't see that maybe you should have Burrows pull the hair out of your face. I've never seen fans as butthurt as Canucks fans. They're a dirty team and it's not just Hawks fans who see it it's the entire NHL! Anyone who denies Burrows a dirty player is a blind ignorant fanboy.

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    Wow, back off on the arrogant stereotyping you ****head. For someone who claims to have such great knowledge about the game, you should realize that hockey is a dangerous sport and that it is easy for such talented players to take dangerous cheap shots at other players. Sedin's hit on Keith wasn't an elbow, but it was a deliberate cheap shot where Keith's head was the principal point of contact.

    A deliberate head shot is a deliberate head shot... It doesn't matter if one is a shoulder and one is an elbow. The refs are supposed to prevent this type of behavior, and if they don't, as they didn't call a penalty for Sedin's head shot, then it is up to the players to protect themselves. And that's exactly what Keith did by elbowing Sedin. I'll bet that Sedin thinks twice about running Keith's head in the future. If you don't like how the situation resolved itself, then get on the refs for not catching Sedin's hit.

  • @ we're now dirty? our team gets ravaged by Boston last of our players gets backed into the boards, stick between his puck in the area and a player rams him backwards into the boards and breaks his back...refs hide their whistle's...players taking a run at the Sedins...but we're dirty? Do you have any idea of the game of hockey? I'm not asking you if the Blackhawks know the game...I know very well they are a great team...I'm asking you? The NHL has said for years...they want to improve the quality of the game by increasing the amount of goals scored, high paced, speed and skill...Newsflash...we built a team on speed and skill...and then we meet the Boston Bruins in the playoffs who beat the living crap outta our team and HIDE their whistles...the same Boston team that play a full 60 minute game vs Tampa in the playoffs without a single penalty called...the same League where in the first 25 games of the season we had over 120 penalties in our favor...and the last 25 games of the season we had 61 penalties called in our favor! the problem with players being cheap...and yes, I will say Burrows can play because he's not a heavyweight...nor do we have any...because we built the team according to how the league has apparently designed it for the viewing when our better players don't get the consistency of calls at the end of the season and into the playoffs you get people like Alex Burrow's scrapping like a school girl, being a cheap shot srtist and pulling hair. I dont like it neither but I think if we are going to hide the whistle...then let us redesign how we make our team a little more tougher!

  • Dazz I think you need a hug.

    First of all either the shoulder or elbow came up on high on Keith against the boards and that should have been called but wasn't.

    So you're saying you condone what Burrows does is good for the team and the league overall? That's just pure asinine if you really do think that.

    I think Keith will get 3 games for the elbow, and it was a dirty hit.

    And to blame the referees from last year for the Canucks winning the cup is another stupid comment. GOOD TEAMS beat bad officiating. That's such an easy out to blame the refs. The problem last year the Canucks couldn't score.

    And I wouldn't like Burrows on this team because the Blackhawks orgazination wouldn't stand for that type of behavior. Sure we have Carcillo but he did tone it down when he was healthy. Burrows is a loose cannon at times and his previous instances make him a cheaphot.

    Also calling a blogger names to try to get your point across, is stupid. Your credibility as a "hockey person" goes down when the first words you post "hey fatass". The insults you throw in a comment are petty and immature. So I'm sure if you want to have an intelligent conversation with other hockey fans eliminate the 8th grade insults.

  • @ Ted...I think any blogger has the responsibility to write facts and not distort or imply otherwise...hence my reaction to his lack of integrity!

    you said: "So you're saying you condone what Burrows does is good for the team and the league overall? That's just pure asinine if you really do think that." - and my answer is no, I dont condone it...what I'm trying to say is this is what happens when you dont have toughness and the league doesnt protect its stars! as I mentioned earlier, Vigneault built this team on speed and skill...our GM is a pretty smart guy and put his faith in what the league had committed to as a product for their consumers...high quality speed and skill!

    your comments about Burrows are completely off! you don't watch him enough so I think you should reserve your comments. Burrows is probably the most honest hockey player we have and the NHL has. He was originally utilized as a 4th liner, penalty killer and played very few minutes. His career was built on hard work...but I'm not surprised you didnt know that. He was never drafted and played roller hockey in the off season. He has evolved into a pretty good player and a huge surprise to everyone...noone ever gave him a free ride and I think the stories about him are media crap...I should say I know they are crap? 95% of the time you will never hear a thing about Burrows unless its about forechecking, scoring or assists (because he played on a line with the Sedins he's bound to get points)...the 5% you do hear things...its because of games like yesterday...I'm saying this as a fan of the game and not a fan of the Canucks!

    FYI - as a kid growing up in Canada...I loved the Blackhawks and the old stadium...I wore a Blackhawk jersey when we played street hockey...I was a fan of Stan Mikita, Denis Savard, Tony Esposito and several fact I still respect them even though I am a Canuck fan...but I cant stand when someone doesnt say it how it is...just to prove their own case!

  • I don't watch them enough?

    I write a blog on the Wolves who ironically is the farm team of the Canucks.

    I watch every Canucks game and study the team not because I want to but I like to watch hockey and see their prospects grow.

  • ohh...and you still think Burrow's has a behavioral problem? I beg to differ on your analysis and conclusions. If you were to say that about anyone else I may agree but you obviously can't be paying much attention to his role and performances as a Canuck...I'm not gonna argue with you since its obvious you have avoided my comments regarding the lack of integrity of this blogger. It also demonstrates to me you avoid the reason I blasted him and called him cant be objective enough to be a credible blogger yourself! The one thing that makes people follow your blogs and writeups is will always have the meatheads that agree with anything pro Chicago...even if the blogs are outrageous...there has to be a point where a person is able to blog based on fact...Daniel Sedin didnt elbow Keith in the never clearly addressed his comment even after you had the chance said "either the shoulder or elbow came up on high on Keith against the boards" cant be either...but I guess you just cant be objective enough to call it like it is!

    Comparing Burrows to Carcillo is like comparing a hot chick with a brute...once again you lost credibility. Burrows has scored 25 goals or more in each of his last 3 seasons...Carcillo has managed to score a grand total of 16 during the same period...and you are going to compare the two? wow, you are losing more credibility by the minute...stick to baseball or football and leave the hockey to us!

  • I can't believe a Canucks fan like Dazz doesn't think Burrows is a dirty player. Perhaps we should take a poll of the players who's hair he's pulled, groins he's kneed, and fingers he's bitten. Dude's a douchebag. Sorry he's on your favorite team.

    As for my weight, my ass isn't so much fat as my face and stomach area. Please be accurate when you comment. You lose credibility and an internet troll.

    Thanks for reading...

  • he does what he has to do to be employed in the NHL...if you can't understand that then stick to being accurate and unbiased when you do make a statement...or maybe you should blog for something else thats more familiar to you such as: fast food restaurants, porky pig lookalikes, popular American douchebags (Chicago has quite a few...Blago, Rham Emanuel, Bolland...) or even liposuction...

    I hope we meet in the playoffs you fat bastard!

  • Soooo youre telling us if neccessary, pull hair, knee groins, etc etc to maintain your employment in the NHL? Thats why no in this leage respects the canucks.

  • Haha...I wasted my time logging into some uneducated American site where you guys cant differentiate from Burrows and Carcillo...a shoulder or an elbow...or a cheeseburger and a pizza... its all the same to you because you dont have the capacity to think and understand!

    Good luck to your Blackhawks...I dont hate them but I think their fans are stupid...especially if you represent the average have such low standard play with words as if you're impressing your friends...we dont see low quality yahoo's here...our public is far more knowledgeable...and at least our 2 year olds know the difference from a shoulder and an elbow!

  • In reply to Dazz:

    Daz then why waste your time posting here and responding to others if we are so dumb and don't have a clue?

    Obviously we have gained your interest and the blogger has done his job.

    You continue to throw insults and think you are tough on the internet. Hate to break it to you high school is over unless you still are in it?

    After every post I continue to lean toward yes.

  • I came here because I saw a link to a topic I was interested in, that said, I was negatively surprised at what I read from a Chicago blogger and couldn't believe the crap written: 1st the fact this blogger said about Duncan " It doesn't matter that he was elbowed first." WHICH IS A LIE...AND NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON THIS CRAPPY BLOG CORRECTED THE BLOGGER!

    You have no credibility...and I guess my point has been proven by the limited amount of followers that comment here! If this topic was about Burrows being an agitator...ok...but once again don't compare him with Carcillo...what a joke and it just goes to show that any yahoo can blog...I suggest you blog on something else like I suggested yesterday!

    ohhh...and the "high school" and "tough" comment! Gimme a break! If I made a comment about a Blackhawk player that wasn't true and not factual I'm sure you'd feel the same! I simply commented on "the phantom elbow" and "Burrows v Carcillo" comparison...just how can anyone defend the lack of credibility there is beyond comprehension...and then...all of you play with who's in high school?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Dazz:

    Dazz, at least the blogger Jay Zawaski is not trying to be some anonymous internet tough guy like yourself. If you disagree, do it respectfully and you'll receive respect.

    Chicago is an incredible city you should come visit, and see things for yourself rather than labeling everyone fat and or corrupt. You shouldn't allow your love for the Canucks to become hatred against Americans or Chicagoans.

  • Marc, I stated earlier I have been somewhat of a Blackhawks fan since I was kid...and yes, I love Chicago and visit on business at least twice per year! Maybe you have a point regarding the respect factor BUT (this is not an excuse for my snapping yesterday its just that I couldn't help myself after I saw the blatant lie and distortion) in my opinion the tone on the topic was set once I read the "ELBOW" incident...Daniel did not raise his elbow and I feel that NOBODY here...not one of you has corrected that commented and ALL of you have dismissed it! Even when Ted Gruber ("the so called Wolves blogger") had the chance to clarify and be factual...he chose to take the low road by stating that "either the shoulder or the elbow came up". Why Marc, if you or any of these other guys has an appreciation for the game and respect for NHL hockey players...why hasn't anyone here made the correction about the comment? Is it because its irrelevant...hence the very reason I actually came on this site...I was pissed off that the comments were false...but noone has since made the effort to do just that!

    When the comment was made about if I condone Burrows actions...I responded like this: "and my answer is no, I dont condone it"...but at the same time I just can't appreciate or respect a direct comparison made between Burrows and Carcillo...can you? One of them is an integral part of the success of his team, by point contributions and his agitator role...the other is just an agitator...if you dont believe me look up Burrow's stats and you will see he's a contributor!

    I think at the very least I am able to acknowledge fact and truth...I was annoyed and pissed that the comments were falsely made...if this whole discussion was about Burrows being an agitator, cheap, dirty...and anything else you want to add...I would pick my spots and for the most part agree...but if you want to make false statement...and then never correct them...and then expect me to see things your way...I can't see many people reacting much differently than me! I bet most probably wouldn't have thrown in the "fat ass" comment...but on the other hand...I bet you'd be hard pressed to find another blogger...respected in the industry make false comments and never even attempt to correct them! Whatever happened to integrity? We all have the job to report things accurately so that people can make their decisions and opinions based on fact! How many people in Chicago that may have read this blog are gonna think Daniel Sedin elbowed Duncan Keith in the head because this guy said so?

    Chicago and Americans are wonderful...I'm not happy about the comments and lack of integrity!

  • feel free to read this:

  • Dazz...please go away. Come back when you collect a check for your hockey Ted and I do. You come in here and play high and mighty, yet you stoop to insulting the appearance of the author (me) and hang on one tiny detail (elbow...or shoulder). Elbow or shoulder doesn't matter. It's a chickens**t move, just like all the other the Canucks have made under Vigneault. Torres on Seabrook, Burrows biting, hair pulling, kneeing Keith in the groin. Bieksa fighting Stalberg, and disappearing when Scott shows up. You have a gutless, sackless team. Enjoy choking annually. Maybe, after a few years, there will be nothing left of your beautiful city to burn.

  • Also Dazz...the "squeaky clean" Canucks average 13.3 PIMs a game. That's highest in the Western Conference and 5th in the league.

  • Video Evidence :
    (best part of this one is the scoreboard)

    and the coup de gras

  • stoop to insulting the author and hang on a TINY detail? Carcillo V Borrows is a tiny comparison...tiny detail ie D Sedin didnt get penalized but Keith got 5 call those differences tiny? this discussion wasn't regarding the Canucks penalty minutes or their dirty play...I singled it our because of your LACK OF INTEGRITY, YOUR CLEAR AND DILEBERATE LIE AND YOUR LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM!

    if you want to discuss the Canucks and them being a cheap team...then maybe you should have clearly stated're reaching now...and diverting any attention to your initial comments, which is the reason I confronted you in the first place!

    yes, we have idiots that burn the city and behave like delinquents...yes its embarassing...yes it annoys me and frustrates me. thats said, there are far more serious crimes in the city and sorrounding the city of Chicago in 1 year than there is in Vancouver over a 10 year period! how can you be so ignorant and leave yourself open for another fact that just doesnt do much for your argument?

    its too sad you cant just apologize for embelishing and stating your initial comment was not factual...all that to prove a case. I'd agree with many things surrounding the Canucks, their penaltiies and type of play...but I also cant respect a so called money making blogger publicly writing a column based on lies and distortion...Carcillo and Burrows comparison was a new low...if you know anything about hockey you should bury your head in the sand!

  • Dazz,

    Get YOUR facts straight. I never said Carcillo...I said Ciccarelli.

  • Jay - Get my facts straight? I dont recall you saying anything about Ciccarelli but Ted compared Carcillo to Burrows. giving lessons on facts now? Fact...Daniel Sedin did not elbow Keith in the head like you said he should publicly retract your comment that stated he did that! you can't focus on anything can you. you start to cry about name calling but still...not once have you acknowledged your false statement...and then you changed the topic about the Canucks saying "the "squeaky clean" Canucks average 13.3 PIMs a game. That's highest in the Western Conference and 5th in the league" - have you noticed where they are in the overall standings? just what exactly is your point? you cant decide if its that Burrows is a cheat...or if the Canucks are squeaky clean or if Daniel Sedid elbowed or shouldered Keith in the head...but you still want to argue! and you havent admitted you said you make money doing this...I bet not soo much! you dont have should listen to our Vancouver sports talk 1040am radio at 3:30pm mon -'ll get a lesson on facts, integrity and true PROFESSIONALISM...these guys dont lie to embellish their point...but I guess its true what everyone says about you uneducated yanks...say it enough times and people will believe you!

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