My challenge to the Blackhawks

My challenge to the Blackhawks

The Blackhawks have two games in two nights beginning tonight in Edmonton, and tomorrow in Calgary.

Here’s a challenge for the Hawks:  60 minutes.  That’s it.  Give us ONE GAME with a complete 60 minute effort.  It’s been 51 games, and we’re still waiting.

No one could have expected the kind of first period the Hawks delivered on Tuesday night.  Surely, their “main rival”,  their “most hated opponent”,  the Sedin “Sisters” and the nerds in Vancouver would motivate the Hawks, right?

Nope.  Another absolutely listless first period.  Canucks were pushing Blackhawks around.  Hawks defensemen were bailing out on hits Brian Campbell style.

It’s the same old story seemingly every night, yet somehow, the Hawks are STILL one of the top 2-3 teams in the West.  Imagine how much better the Hawks’ record would be with even half of their games being complete efforts.  The rest of the conference would be in the rear view mirror.

Until then…the challenge stands.

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