Blackhawks in great position to advance on mentally weak Canucks

I’m guilty, you’re guilty.  We are all guilty.  We gave up on the Hawks after 3 games, because we thought the players gave up after game 82.  We were wrong, and here we are…game seven in Vancouver. 



At this point, how can the Blackhawks lose?  The Vancouver Canucks are everything they’d proven to be in the last two playoff series’ they had against the Hawks.   They’re mentally soft.  They play dirty when things aren’t going their way.  The Hawks are in Roberto Luongo’s head…so much so that he hid in the dressing room until Michael Frolik de-jocked Corey Schneider on a penalty shot, injuring his leg.  Luongo wanted no part of the Blackhawks last night.  His teammates are likely feeling the same way about Tuesday night.

How can the Canucks win?  Really?  All of the pressure is on them.  They are the President’s Trophy winners.  They are the ones blowing a 3-0 series lead.  The Hawks have already overachieved in the eyes of many.  Now, they have a full blown goalie controversy, and their fans are already calling for the heads of their coaches.  Alain Vigneault said the Canucks played their best game of the series last night.  How did that turn out?  They’re done like dinner. 

As a long time hockey observer, I have no faith in ANY Canuck to man up, take charge, and carry their team to victory.  Their best players lack character.  Their lesser players can’t do it without their stars, and their goalie isn’t good enough when it counts.

It’s time for Troy Parchman to pack the bus.  The Hawks are headed to Detroit or San Jose for the semi finals.



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  • I would just like to say that I didn't give up. Maybe this makes be stupid, though, I will allow for that.

  • or "me" stupid, even :)

  • Wow. You aren't lacking for confidence for this game. There is certaily reason to question the mental toughness of the Canucks, to doubt their testicular fortitude. I'm just not sure they are the complete losers you seem to think they are. And even if they are, I'm not sure I trust these Hawks-despite the past three games-to expose them in a game 7. We'll see shortly.

    Go Hawks!


  • I enjoyed reading this opinion piece after tonight's game 7 Canucks win. Thanks for the entertainment.

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