With Bolland back, Hawks running out of excuses

Dave Bolland will return to the Blackhawk’s lineup Saturday night. That means that for the first time all season, the Hawks will be 100% healthy. 

Whether or not it will make a difference no one knows.  The Hawks, who to man keep questioning and criticizing their efforts, will be out of excuses.  This is a time for the lines to look like Coach Q wanted them to look all summer. Or is it?



Q’s patience has been tested, especially by the star players the Hawks depend on most to win.  In Wednesday’s 2-1 loss to the Coyotes, Duncan Keith and Patrick Sharp were benched for parts of the game.  Let me repeat that…the Blackhawks benched the defending Norris Trophy winner and their leading scorer.  And they are FAR from the only stars who aren’t earning their money.  Patrick Kane has returned to his floating ways.  Brent Seabrook is fumbling the puck, and Jonathan Toews, for all his effort, is missing wide open nets. 

The efforts have been poor all around.  The Hawks are getting outworked by (much) lesser opponents.  They are getting beaten to pucks, and losing board battles.  When puck possession is the name of your game, like it is for the Blackhawks, that’s not a good game plan.  You can’t possess the puck without…um…the PUCK. 

So the players acknowledge the effort isn’t there.  The Coaches acknowledge the effort isn’t there, and the new guys aren’t the problem.  So…what’s going to be the excuse after the next poor effort? 

Hopefully, after horrible losses to the lowly Coyotes and Oilers, the Hawks have woken up.  The Rat is back, Campbell and Hossa are back, and they “know what’s wrong.”  So, we can expect a win in Nashville right?  I’ll believe it when I see it.


Tune in to WSCR 670 AM the Score Friday night at midnight.  Last night, I hosted a Q&A with Troy Brouwer from Tommy Nevin’s in Naperville.  The event will be broadcasted tonight. 

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