A Challenge to Blackhawks Fans

Nobody said it was easy, but no one ever said it would be so hard.  Oh God…did I just quote Coldplay.  What has this come to?

The Flyers took it to the Hawks in Game 4 Friday night, and all of a sudden hockey panic has taken over Chicago. 

The reasons why have been beaten to death.  Some are blaming the refs, some are saying the Hawks don’t want it enough, some are saying Antti Niemi isn’t playing well enough.  While I think it’s probably a combination of things, nothing is lost here. 

I picked the Hawks to win the series in 5, but I have severely underestimated the Flyers.  I still think the Hawks will win the series, and that’s where my challenge for Hawks fans comes in.

UC Crowd.jpg

The United Center crowd will play a huge role in Game 5


Sunday night, everyone from the oldest old school fan to the newest bandwagon jumper will be tight with nerves, but nothing will compare to the nerves the Hawks’ players will feel.  

If you have a ticket to Game 5, please don’t let those nerves show. 

Your confidence and voices can do wonders to loosen up the Hawks.  If they take the ice, and sense a nervous crowd, those jitters will remain. 

Get loud, be confident, and get on the Flyers’ players from pre game skate until final horn.

Hawk fans take pride in having the loudest, craziest building in the NHL, but more often than not in these playoffs, it’s sounded more like a library than the Chicago Stadium. 

Never has YOUR voice been more important.  Use it, and help the Hawks take Game 5.   



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  • Jay I have to disagree with your second paragraph. What has me most concerned right now is that I actually think the Hawks out played Philly last night. Most of the play was in the Flyers end, and the Hawks out shot them most of the game. The difference to me was that the Flyers got the bounces and the Hawks didn't. For example that 4th goal was flat out bizarre bouncing off of Versteeg two posts and then in. And that went in after Chicago controlled the play for 8 mins.
    Hockey is a game where bounces play a big factor, and there is nothing new with that. And I have to admit the Hawks have gotten some during this run as well.
    But Philly has that luck thing going right now and that has me really worried.

  • I promise to cheer loudly. More so at the final horn after the first home loss of the series occurs! It is going to be a CRAZY game!!!!

  • In reply to matto:

    Get a life, troll.

  • In reply to Alex1:

    As opposed to coming on here and whining about officiating every day like you do? I guess I would have to call it a tie. Oops! TIE! Get it? Like the series!!! Haha!

  • In reply to matto:

    Right, I wonder if the Flyers were getting jobbed
    like the Hawks are , you probably wouldnt be saying a word about it would you. easy to call the other side whiners when your getting the benefit of most of the calls at all the right times. No excuses though. Philly has been taking advantage of the breaks coming their way, hawks arent. i expect that to change. Just dont start crying when pronger gets called for the 3 minors a game he's been getting away with the whole series okay? deal.

  • In reply to badrogue17:

    Deal. I wont cry. I wont even mention it because its nothing to blame a SCF loss. Flyers are just more disiplined!

    Pronger for Conn Smyth!!! (do you know what that is? No google!!)

  • In reply to matto:

    It's amazing how the most penalized team in the playoffs and second-most penalized team in the regular season is so super disciplined all the sudden. It's like magic.

  • In reply to matto:

    "Pronger for Conn Smyth!!! (do you know what that is? No google!!)"

    I know what the Conn SMYTHE trophy is, but I've never heard of this "Smyth" guy you reference. Perhaps you should be the one googling, my illiterate and ill-informed little buddy.

  • In reply to ThatGuy:

    Oh ThatGuy- This is so 4 days ago! Now you come with the grammar police...really? So lame.

    "The paranoid internet blatherings of semi-literate oafs unlucky enough to be stuck in Philadelphia cannot change the facts."

    Did you know that "Blatherings" isn

  • In reply to matto:

    Conn SMYTHE to the Hawks captain. Chrissy home sleeping with her souvenir pucks as a lovely parting gift. And BTW, Mister Webster gives a thumbs-up to "blatherings". Better get your Mom to read to you from a better dictionary next time. Have a nice off-season, loser.

  • In reply to ThatGuy:

    Haha! Your team just won the Stanley Cup last night and your first order of business is to come back at me??? Wow, I figured you would be in a better mood today. But whatever you want to do to celebrate!

    Since Im not really a Flyers fan nor any fan of Pronger, I will continue to enjoy my off season as my team went out two rounds ago. I guess you have not followed this blog closely enough to know what I was doing here-- But thats history as of last night!

    Congratulations on the Stanley Cup! I always say, the Stanley Cup has never gone to the wrong team and this year is no exception. The HAwks had a fantastic season and truly earned their name on the Cup this year. Enjoy the summer as Champs- Enjoy next season as defending champs and we;ll see you in the playoffs next time around!

    Ps- Lord Stanley only likes to sign one year leases so enjoy it now!

  • In reply to matto:


  • In reply to ThatGuy:


  • In reply to matto:

    Well, at least you have your signature spelled correctly...

  • In reply to ThatGuy:


    Looks like I can spell your name too!

  • In reply to matto:

    I was rooting for the Blackhawks and coaching hockey when your mommy was still helping you go potty. Of course, that could have been just last week...

  • Al in WI:

    Did you actually WATCH the game, or just hear about the good "bounces" the Flyers got from another disgruntled Hawks fan? TWO, count 'em, TWO of the THREE Hawks goals were lucky bounces. The first one was deflected off a Flyers' d-man's stick and the second went in off another Flyer's d-man's leg. That's TWO lucky bounces for the Hawks in the same game. Yes, that ONE Philly goal was lucky, not doubt about it. So, let's count the lucky bounces, shall we? Hawks 2, Flyers 1. Are you still sure you actually watched the game. I'm not so sure myself.

  • In reply to Chiheart:

    As opposed to your lone goal in Game 2,or your goal to tie the game in Game 3. You Flyer fans think your team is so great and have just been sooo dominant that you needed 2 pp goals and overtime to win game 3, and last night the play was in the Flyers end most of the game. But all that is ok, itll be nicer when the Hawks win the cup on your ice anyway. This team isnt Boston chief, so just enjoy the 2 losses your going to get the next 2 games.

  • In reply to badrogue17:

    Ramble ramble.... "needed 2 pp goals and overtime to win game 3" What the????

    Are you suggesting its weak to score on a power play? I realize you are new to hockey so I guess Ill just say... its a good thing. Perhaps your team should try it... maybe they will win another game.

  • In reply to matto:

    Not at all, point being, and I'll keep it simple in deference to yuour lack of intelligence, that without those 2 power play goals, they lose the game.If the Flyers are as great as youre making them out to be, then they shouldve swept the series by now. Just keep chirping, Im sure youll have the balls to come on here after game 6 ends with the hawks carrying the cup to eat your crow right? Ill be watching for it douchestain.

  • In reply to badrogue17:

    We all no it was the Hawks fans that thought they had a sweep on their hands--It was obvious when the SCF tickets went on sale and game five was cheap and an easy ticket to get... That why Im going! Thanks for thinking your team is better than it is.

    Oh and as for "without those 2 power play goals, they lose the game"

    Wow, you grasp of the game is so superior to mine! Are you suggesting that the team that has more goals when the game ends.... is the winner!?!?! Ahhhhh..... thanks for pointing that out! You really are a Chicago super-fan!!

  • In reply to matto:

    Again, read the part about in deference to your lack of intelligence,then maybe itll make sense to you.Sometimes ya gotta dumb it down for your audience, but being a Flyer fan, you should be used to that.

  • In reply to matto:

    OK, can we stop the name-calling and trash-talking and just talk about the games.

    The officiating: the Hawks are getting away with as much as the Flyers are. And it is going to get nastier from here on. Pronger has been playing like this for his entire career. This is nothing new. What is the big deal? The Hawks need to find a way to negate him, and the only way is to score when he is on the ice! Kane and Toews need to find a way to get their creativity back. The Flyers are doing a great job of keeping them stifled. Byfuglin will not be any type of factor w/out Kane and Toews.

    Game 4:
    1. championship-caliber teams do not allow opposing players to be be wide-open 5 feet from the net for easy shots. This happened not once, but twice! Kane's fault completely on the Giroux goal. He needs to stop hanging near the blue line waiting for another break-away and get further into the zone when the Flyers are threatening.

    2. the 3rd period was great for the Hawks. They need to bury their heads in the tape of that period and completely focus on what they did right and play that way entirely in Game 5! And don't tell me the Flyers were in defensive mode like the Hawks were in Game 2. Not buying that for a minute.

    Go Hawks! This has been a great series! The series is tied 2-2 and we have home-ice. In a good spot. Take the positives in the 3rd period forward!

  • In reply to MiamiKid:

    "Kane's fault completely on the Giroux goal. He needs to stop hanging near the blue line waiting for another break-away and get further into the zone when the Flyers are threatening."


    Kane wasn't at the blue line on that play. He went in too deep actually, heading for the player with the puck and since Sopel was already deep in the zone as well, nobody had the oncoming rusher covered. That play was not Kane's fault alone.

  • In reply to MiamiKid:

    "the Hawks are getting away with as much as the Flyers are"

    No, they aren't. Read this.


  • In reply to MiamiKid:


    I missed the game, can you provide me with a detailed recap of how well Pronger did?


  • In reply to Dmband:

    Very poorly. He got knocked around the ice worse than any playoff performance Ive ever seen him put forward. He was penalized on a few occasions and (I belive) was on the ice for over half of the Hawks goals.

    You had to know it was coming. But--They go back to Philly with a chance to hold serve and force a winner take all.

    It was a dominate game (for the most part) by Chicago, but after celebrating the victory, I wonder how many Hawk fans are actually concerned with Niemi giving up 4 goals? Sure it doesnt matter if you score 7 but.... it is still a lot. I think its the positive that Philly will take home with them for game 6.

    (see my comments on John Talarico's article on here titled "I hate to be the guy that brings up the officiating, but....") I made my perdiction that it would happen this way. No surprises here.

    Ps- I am now 3 for 51 on perdictions this year so when Im right, Ill take the credit! Haha!

  • In reply to Dmband:


    I was being a sarcastic ass, but I appreciate you answering the question anyhow.

    In response, I would say any positivity taken from Philly's standpoint in regards the goals scored would be cancelled out by the fact that they now have a goalie controversy in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

    When the Hawks come out with a sense of urgency and determination, they are simply a much, much better team.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I know you were and I dont mind a bit. Im one of the worst commentors on here in that regard! Haha!

    I dont think there is any question that Pete will start Leighton in game six. I think the controversy will come (if necessary) in game seven. Should the Flyers force the final game, the Flyers may want to go with Boucher at the UC as Leighton just doesnt seem comfortable there.

    If Leighton throws up a shut out in game six, that decision becomes even more difficult for Philly.

    We'll see.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    What no one expected was that the NHL would inexplicably return its officiating practices to 2003 standards. ALL four games beginning this series were brutal. Clutching, grabbing, stickwork, after-the-whistle crap - it was like watching the pre-lockout Flames. Excruciating.

    Now, game five, it's suddenly 2010 again, and look what happens. Movement, scoring chances, skilled skating... hockey as it should be, for which the Flyers are ill-equipped in comparison to the Blackhawks. If the finals had been called like the regular season and the rest of the playoffs had been, this would have been over in four laughers.

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