Once again, Hawks outclass brainless Canucks

Before I sat down to host my hockey postgame show on the Score last night, I wrote down three words:  Discipline, Coaching, and Character. 

These three things have been the key to the Blackhawks 3-1 series lead over the Vancouver Canucks. 

While rampant douchebaggary can be expected from guys like Alexander Burrows, Shane O’Brien, and Ryan Kesler, no one would suspect career softie Daniel Sedin. 

Sedin took two awful 2nd period penalties, and the Hawks capitalized on both of them. 

This series has been a carbon copy of last years Hawks / Canucks series. 

Step 1.  Bump Luongo once or twice
Step 2.  Score at will
Step 3.  Let the frustrated Canucks take dumb penalties
Step 4.  Score at will
Step 5.  Let the Canucks take more dumb penalties
Step 6.  Score at will
Step 7.  Win game 5 at home, and book tee times for the Canucks

Can someone make a logical argument to me how the Canucks stand a chance?  Luongo is a sieve.  Their star players have folded the tents, and their coaching staff must have neck cramps from shaking their heads.  That’s…really all they do.

bolland toews.jpg

Jonathan Toews and Dave Bolland celebrate one of Toews’ three game 4 goals

On the other hand, Joel Quenneville has done a fantastic job of keeping the Hawks OUT of dumb situations.  Late in the Nashville series, Joel Quenneville was shown on TV screaming to his bench, “Don’t get involved! Don’t get involved!”  The Hawks haven’t, and the Canucks parade to the box has put them down 3-1 in the series. 

Some Hawks fans have been upset that the haven’t retaliated on some of these dumb, cheap plays by the Canucks.  What’s the point?  Just keep scoring.  Vancouver’s putrid penalty kill (64.6%…lol) couldn’t stop Team China’s women’s team at this point.  Let them beat themselves. 

Think of it this way.  When a child is having a temper tantrum, the best thing to do is to simply ignore it.  Paying attention to the screaming child will only give them the attention they want.  Instead, walk away.  That’s what the Hawks have done. 

Ignore the screaming babies, and move on to the next round.  It’s as simple as that. 


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  • Great column. The Canucks have had their soul removed. Their fans have abandoned them for the most part. If the Hawks score in the first minute again tomorrow the Canucks will probably throw in their white towels and start the handshake line and go home. Sad, I've enjoyed the hockey but this is just laughable what nut cases they all are.

    By the way, their captain Luongo said in his post game interview the team in front of him sucked but no mention of his own responsibility. The captaincy should be ceremonially removed from him in front of their fans before their very cool national anthem. Like a court marshall.

  • Jay, Jay, Jay... How long have you been watching this game? Chances are the 'Nucks are toast but DAMN, son, you are a windsock. I'm worried about your blood pressure with all of this emotional estrus you're spreading.

    I can see you going the way of the old Belushi Weekend Update bits where he works himself into a frenzy, then collapses in a fit of apoplexy - "We should panic... no, wait, wait, we should gloat... Niemi's too green... or maybe he's playoff-ready... oh, no, now the D in front of him is soft... AAAAAAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!"

    Remain calm! All is well!

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