No suspension for Marian Hossa

There will be no suspension for Marian Hossa.  Hossa received a 5 minute boarding major for his third period hit on Nashville defenseman Dan Hamhuis Saturday night.  The Hawks can win the series with a victory in Nashville Monday night.  

Official NHL Statement

NHL rules no suspension for Hossa hit on Hamhuis

The National Hockey League announced Sunday it will not take any further action related to a late-game hit by Chicago Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa on Nashville Predators defenseman Dan Hamhuis during Saturday’s Game 5 of the teams’ Western Conference series.

NHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell conducted a phone hearing with Hossa earlier Sunday afternoon. Campbell made the following statement after the meeting:

“I have made the decision that this play does not warrant supplemental discipline after considering all of the facts, including reviewing the video and speaking with Mr. Hossa,” said Campbell. “This play is distinguishable from recent incidents by a number of factors, including the degree of contact involved; the fact that the consequences of the play do not appear to be as severe; that this was a hockey play involving a race for the puck; that Mr. Hossa is not a repeat offender; and that the call of a major penalty by the referee was significant and appropriate.”

The five-minute major penalty for boarding was called on Hossa at the 18:57 mark of the third period. While Hossa was serving the penalty, teammate Patrick Kane scored a shorthanded goal with 13 seconds left in the game — the first time in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs that a shorthanded goal was scored to tie up a game in the last minute of regulation.

Hossa served the final 3:57 of his boarding major as the Predators and Blackhawks went into overtime. Ten seconds after exiting the penalty box, Hossa scored the game-winning goal to make it a 5-4 victory for a jubilant Chicago club and its 22,000-plus hometown fans at United Center.


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  • The NHL does something right for once.

    Barnaby and Melrose will be shocked and appalled.

  • thats right???? borg, i guarantee you lead the charge in the crying about campbell. nhl showed hits side by side. no difference at all. but against your precious blackhawks (new darlings of nhl as i predicted) of course there should be no penalty at all. how would we have guessed

  • In reply to themig:

    Hossa reached out and barely touched Hamhuis, not drive him into the boards as Ovechkin did to Campbell. That's the most important difference, but there are others. For one, the puck was nowhere near Campbell when Ovechkin shoved him. The puck was right in front of Hamhuis' skate when contact with Hossa occurred.

    Couple those with the fact that Hossa and Hamhuis are the same size while Ovechkin used his extra 35 lbs to lift Campbell off the ice.

    But I don't blame you for complaining. It's been a rough day, what with the Wings getting clobbered.

  • In reply to themig:

    Themig - Here is another blog breaking down the difference in hits. you can see just how DIFFERENT the hits are, and the situations as well.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    You're not going to get anywhere with him. Wings fans are out in droves whining about this. As if they don't have enough to worry about in their own series.

  • In reply to borg:

    borg, your insane. your the same as quenville. if it happened to them, q would be crying about banning him from hockey for life. as to not getting anywhere with me, jay always does. because he has basis for his comments. and as for worrying about your series, i could care less. it is unbearable to watch anyways. i hope the hawks win, because if the wings somehow survive, i would prefer to play the hawks by far versus any left in the playoffs. you are better without hossa in the playoffs anyway, but you probably havent figured that out.

  • In reply to themig:

    I don't care what Queneville would've thought. The fact is the two hits were dissimilar and the league figured that out: One a slight nudge, the other a strong shove.

    As for Hossa, I'll take him and his overtime goal, thank you. You can keep Terminator, Abdelcator, whatever his name is.

  • In reply to themig:

    Class Fans.
    Gotta tip my hat to the Red Wings fans on here who for the most part have been really gracious in victory. Looks like the bad rap you guys have is just because your team is so good every year and people love to hate a winner. Good luck next round.

  • In reply to themig:

    Jay, can you please tell B&B to stick to basketball? Their "analysis" of the Hossa/Ovechkin comparison would have been embarrassing to humans capable of actually feeling shame.

  • In reply to ThatGuy:

    there is nothing funnier than b and b having to talk about hockey. they hate it so much. then bernstein tries to tell you why nba is so great and hockey is so dumb. NBA!! are you kidding me? i turned on 5 seconds of the bulls game, heard that boom boom bop, boom boom bop, in the background and almost threw up.

  • In reply to ThatGuy:

    jay, you are so lucky you get to play the canucks, for one reason and one reason only.....

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