Someone You Should Know: Bobby Burke of BLAQE EVERYDAY clothing

Someone You Should Know: Bobby Burke of BLAQE EVERYDAY clothing

Originally, Athleisure was a fashion trend featuring clothing designed for athletic activities. It has become hybrid clothing that is not just worn during athletic activities but also in other settings, such as the workplace, at school, or at other casual occasions. The trend towards Athleisure clothing isn’t new. As people seek to match their clothes to fit their lifestyle, it makes sense to wear clothing that lets us move from one activity to another while staying comfortable and looking good at the same time.

For clothing designers and companies, Athleisure is also big business and many African-Americans are carving out their piece of this lucrative pie. Actress Kate Hudson has Fabletics which has partnered with former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland on a limited-edition collection. Beyonce’s Ivy Park is a stand alone franchise but she has also collaborated with Adidas as a creative partner. And in 2016, Rihanna presented her Fenty X Puma collection in her first New York’s Fashion Week show with the legendary Anna Wintour seated in the celebrity-studded front row. In the midst of this current pandemic which has a large majority of the population working from home, even more people are leaving their suits and formal work wear hanging in their closets and instead are looking for comfy clothing options. I was really happy to learn that there is a Black-owned Athleisure clothing line right here in Chicago and am excited to feature Bobby Burke, owner of BLAQE EVERYDAY as a Red Cup Adventure Someone You Should Know.

blaqecrewneckBobby Burke launched BLAQE Everyday in October 2019 with a unique rain jacket. The BLAQE Everyday collection has expanded to include crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and of course the signature rain jacket. The brand motto is Love. Fashion, Charity. Bobby had taken his LOVE of Being Black and unique FASHION acumen to create a business that highlights giving back, community, and CHARITY. BLAQE Everyday is more than just clothes, it’s a Civilized Lifestyle.


Bobby Burke was born and raised in Chicago. He was raised in the Robert Taylor homes as the middle child. His stern, single mom raised 3 kids as she worked two jobs. His family lived in Robert Taylor when the housing project functioned as a protective, family community which was before it was overrun with crime, gangs, and drugs. Growing up in Robert Taylor gave Bobby a good foundation. Even as a child, Bobby was very creative and he was always helping others. Though he dropped out of high school in his junior year, his faith, determination, and perseverance kept him from going down a bad path. For over 20 years, Bobby has worked as a marketing and sales professional for a major business database company.


Bobby describes himself as a cautious, analytical overthinker who loves to motivate and mentor. One of his greatest assets is having an amazing group of Black male friends who hold each other accountable and encourage each other to be high achievers. Bobby is also an active member of the Chicago chapter of 100 Black Men. So after 20 years of corporate success coupled with no-nonsense teachings from his mother and the support of his impressive peer group, Bobby decided it was time to launch his own sustainable fashion company with a non profit component.

blaqebeanieThe Q in BLAQE Everyday stands for Quarter. Each quarter a percentage of profits from each item sold is distributed amongst Black Owned businesses and Non-Profit Organizations which focus on the betterment of the African-American community. So far, this GiveBack component of the brand has donated to Gray Matter and ChiGivesBack. In 2021, Bobby will explore opening a BLAQE Everyday retail store in the South Loop. But right now, he is focused on sales for the 2020 holiday season. For December, he is re-releasing the widely population all-Black with white lettering BLAQE Everyday sweater and the festive Black sweater with red lettering. The last two weeks of December will also feature a 25% off holiday discount on the website. So if you want to let the world know how Black and Proud you are everyday while also Giving Back to worthwhile non-profits, do some holiday shopping on You can also follow Bobby Burke @BlaqeEveryday on Instagram.


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