Someone You Should Know: The Whole World Is "#Watchin!" Tshurhad Chivas

Someone You Should Know: The Whole World Is "#Watchin!" Tshurhad Chivas

ABOUT TSHURHAD CHIVAS: Award-winning marketeer, artist, musician, and Chicago fixture, you know you’re in the right place if and when you see Tshurhad Chivas on the scene. In light of today’s pivotal election and constantly escalating American unrest, he has re-surfaced musically with a social, geo-political anthem entitled #Watchin!

ABOUT THE SONG: #Watchin! is a call to action to the American people to accept accountability for OUR current situation. We must hold each and every individual and those in power accountable for their actions as it relates to social injustice, police brutality, economic disparity, lapse in education, systematic racism, and overall humanity in the United States of America. As the song states, THE WHOLE WORLD IS LITERALLY #Watchin! to see what the people of America are going to do. Will we continue to let hateful politics and leadership divide us or will we finally work together to fix the turmoil and disease in our nation? THE WHOLE WORLD IS #Watchin! and Tshurhad Chivas has been inspired by the social climate from the past, present, and future and decided to capture this moment of reflection as a musical beacon of hope.

Peep Stee WatchinDuring the current cultural and socio-economic climate in the US, the whole world is #Watchin! our politics and listening to our thought leaders. WE, the people, need to be conscious, brave, and bold enough to know that we can create positive change in this country. The song states “They’re #Watchin! you and you and you”. Everyone is #Watchin! to see what the next course of action is going to be. Are we going to move forward positively as a society? Are we going to allow hate, fear, and greed to drag us further into the darkness? Who is willing to help? Who is willing to risk their life for justice and equality for all?

#Watchin! seeks to ask individuals to reach into their being and decide what they’re going to do to change their mindset and their heart. Are we prepared for an inevitable collapse of American society and our place in the world order as we know it? Or are we going to transition as a people out of inequality and injustice? It’s only fitting that Tshurhad dropped his explosive and revolutionary song #Watchin! today. It’s Tuesday, November 3rd and THE WHOLE WORLD IS #Watchin!.


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“You tell them choose a side and pledge allegiance
You’re headed to demise, look around, we all see it
The Whole World!”

Tshurhad Chivas of Peep Stee, #Watchin!



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