Someone You Should Know: Dr. Goldwyn B. Foggie AKA Dr. Goldie

Someone You Should Know: Dr. Goldwyn B. Foggie AKA Dr. Goldie

Dr. Goldwyn B. Foggie, also known as Dr. Goldie, is a board certified Obesity Medicine Specialist and OB/GYN. She founded Illinois Wellness and Weight Loss Centers to promote health and wellness through the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity. Her desire to transform lives grew after she lost both her parents to obesity-related illnesses. The best advice she lives by and gives to her patients is Do Something Every Day That Brings You One Step Closer To Your Goals.

Illinois Wellness & Weight Loss Centers promotes weight loss and healthy lifestyles through weight loss programs, on line courses, health fairs, workshops, body contouring and speaking engagements. They transform lives through nutrition, exercise, behavioral modification, and physician supervised medical therapy in their office and online health coaching. Click here to visit their interactive facebook page for patient testimonies, delicious low-fat recipes, healthy tips, and more. Call the Evergreen Park office at 872.702.4254 or click here for the website to schedule a weight loss consultation or body sculpting appointment.

Health is true wealth and Dr. Goldie has a full line of all-natural herbal supplements that assist with a variety of ailments including weight loss and boosting the immune system. She developed her line because “nature has given us all the tools we need to nourish and restore our health. We carefully select each of our ingredients for their effectiveness and potency, providing a safe and natural way to take back your health.” Dr. Goldie’s Supplements line includes a Complete Multivitamin, OXY Burn, Colon Sweep, Emergency Immune Support with Elderberry & Vitamin C, Vitamin K2 D3. Visit IWWLC.COM to purchase your Dr. Goldie’s Supplements today.

Immune Support Vitamin

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