Someone You Should Know: Mandene Muhammad, Owner of the Legacy Men's Boutique

Someone You Should Know: Mandene Muhammad, Owner of the Legacy Men's Boutique

What is Your Legacy?

Founded in fall of 2017 by Mandene Muhammad, Legacy Men’s Boutique exists to provide high end men’s clothing and accessories at affordable prices. Previously nestled in the heart of Bronzeville Chicago on King Drive, Mandene and staff are proud to serve the community and provide an inviting atmosphere which caters to the urban and sophisticated man who is building a legacy of style. On Saturday, October 3rd (11am-7pm), the Legacy Men’s Boutique will launch a new chapter in a new location at 107 E. 47th Street next to the Abundance Bakery. The new location will be bigger and even better.

Legacy New Location


About Mandene Muhammad

As a dedicated follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Mandene said like a lot of people he understands the importance of giving back. His mother died at a young age and his aunt did not hesitate to adopt him and his brother. He remembers that finances in the household were tight and his aunt struggled to collect nice clothes for them. As an adult, Mandene took to collecting clothes so he could help kids in need of every day school clothes and special occasion outfits for graduation, prom, etc. Mandene had collected so many clothes that his closets were overflowing, but he had not yet gotten to the important step of distributing the clothes back into the community. It was good news that people were so generous with their donations. But bad news because Mandene was running out of space.

For many years Mandene worked in the background with Brother Munir Muhammad running the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad (C.R.O.E.) and the popular Munir Muhammad TV show on cable access. He was comfortable in the background and it wasn’t until he decided to open his own business that he realized all the entrepreneurial lessons he had gained from having Brother Munir as a mentor. Brother Munir often spoke about how he always had multiple streams of income. Munir sold insurance and he sold men’s and women’s suits out of the truck of his car. Munir said in business it’s important to have flexibility and low overhead. By selling out of the trunk of his car, he could sell when he wanted to or needed money and he didn’t have the expense of a brick and mortar store.

In 2017, with overflowing closets of donated clothes, Mandene decided it was his time to give back to the community. He wanted to cater to men, boys, and parents of young men who want to invest in style without breaking the bank.

Mandene at Legacy

Quality Clothes At Thrift Shop Prices

Legacy offers a wide selection of clothes (many major brands) and a full line of accessories for men. Staff members are always happy to assist and can answer any questions you may have. There is something for EVERY man in your life. For people who don’t like previously owned or gently used clothes, there are new items in stock. At Legacy, you don’t have to break the bank to look good. Shop Strong, Recycle Black Dollars, Look Fly, and still have money in your pockets.

Whether you’re on your way to an interview or a night out on the town, Legacy has classic pieces to help make your experience legendary…Everything from unique suits to jeans.Legacy Watches

Its always a great idea to finish the look with pieces that adds a little extra to the top. Legacy has everything from exquisite neck ties to sunglasses.

You can always tell where a man is going by looking at his shoes. Legacy offers a wide array of shoes for him…Everything from dress to casual.

“Our Legacy Lives Long.”

In 2017, Mandene knew it was time to get the overflowing clothing donations out of his house and into the hands of young boys and men in the community. He often ordered food at the now closed Jerk Shack across from National Black Wall Street Chicago at 47th and King Drive. When he was waiting for them to prepare his order, he’d walk around the building. One day inspiration hit and he knew it was time to come out from Brother Munir’s shadow and build his own legacy. He rented space in the EastLake building on 47th and the business took off. Personally, 2019 was a rough year with the passing Brother Munir, two uncles, and one cousin he was very close to was murdered in a tragic shooting. And 2020 has been…well 2020. But Mandene has built his legacy. He’s prepared to weather the storms to fulfill his purpose to give back to the community by providing quality men’s clothing at thrift store prices. He feels blessed that in this hectic year, he was able to move to a larger location that grants him visibility to street traffic. Please join Mandene and his staff on Saturday, October 3rd for the Grand Opening at the NEW LOCATION…107 E. 47th Street from 11am-7pm.

Legacy Customers

Reviews from Facebook:

*Great service! I brought my son in to purchase some items for graduation photos. I was able to afford shirt, tie, sweater, pants, belt, shoes and even cuff links! The salesman was able to coordinate his entire outfit effortlessly and even showed my son how to properly tie his necktie ! � I met the owner while I was there. So impressed and I will be back!

*Beautiful place, atmosphere and clothing. Highly recommended!!!

*Stopped in today to pick up a few things for my husband and son. I hit a home run with the amazing pieces I was able to find. Both my husband and son we’re pleased with the shirts, jacket and watch. They had a great selection of quality items at an affordable price. The service and atmosphere was phenomenal as well. I encourage you to check it out and support. We need more of this in our community. It certainly an inspiring experience.

*Great service and the prices are just right!! Their shoe selection is outstanding!!

*Great place to find blazers; greater place to give in donating for others to have!

*Fantastic atmosphere and clothing tailored towards men, that a thoughtfully chic fashionista can wear too.

*Quality and elegance personified– to look elegant, classy & swanky, you don’t need to break your bank & you wont at Legacy Men’s Boutique

One of the best kept secrets on the South side of Chicago. Black owned with great selection. Please check it out.


Great Selections, Amazing Prices, Friendly Service

Legacy Men’s Boutique is a high end men’s clothing boutique with thrift store prices. We specialize in styling the man who is building a legacy!

107 E. King Drive (NEW Location)
Chicago, IL 60615
Phone: (872) 228-1871

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat, 11am – 7pm
Sundays by appointment
(872) 228-1871


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